Park View City Islamabad has piqued the interest of stakeholders due to its stunning scenery and exceptional amenities. Furthermore, Vision Group, a reputable real estate company, is expanding and will provide affordable homes, commercial sites,  exquisite Mansions, and apartments in Islamabad. The magnificent residential complex features global conveniences such as a big Masjid in Turkish architecture, renowned schools, an extensive hospital, Park View city Islamabad Malls, and a vast community centre. In addition, the 200-foot-wide main avenue and significant architecture (roads, friendly green spaces and parks, and underground power) all add to the beauty of the residential area.

Trustworthy Developers

Mr Aleem Khan is Vision Group’s proprietor, which had developed to become Islamabad’s most coveted housing venture. The firm was established in 2012 and has achieved fantastic accomplishments rapidly. In addition, Vision Group’s debut development in Islamabad with Park View City. Furthermore, Vision Group has proven to be the foremost trustworthy and respected investment business in the area. Vision Group aims to design attractive living spaces in the most influential cities. Furthermore, the group’s efforts to provide housing at minimal prices and to provide a sneak peek into future housing developments.

Legally Approved

Park View City has received approval from the CDA Islamabad. As a result, during the construction phase, every residential project was executed legally following CDA legal norms.

Citizens and capitalists will also profit and experience confidence. But, again, there won’t be concerns regarding the development’s legal viability. Anyone else can study Park View City NOC’s comprehensive information by consulting the website of the CDA.

Location & Map

When it comes to building profitable real estate assets, location is crucial. Park View Islamabad, positioned among the beauty of Bani Gala, is also visible on the map. Park View City is also near Bahria Enclave Islamabad. Just a few minutes drive from Park Street, and a fifteen minutes drive from  Serena Hotel or a minute’s walk from the greenery Botanical Garden.

Guarded Neighbourhood

Park View City is a safe and secure neighbourhood enclosed by a fence line covering the entire property width. Furthermore, it is lovely, well-equipped with modern technologies, and monitored enough, although individuals can live in a household setting. As a consequence, Society takes its residents’ safety tremendously important. Furthermore, it is crucial that its inhabitants feel protected and relaxed. As an outcome, they promised that more Cctv would be installed throughout Society.

Provision of the Basic

Park View Islamabad prioritises necessities like power generation, water, and gas. Furthermore, the significance has been emphasised all across the housing scheme. Park View City is also distinct from comparable neighbourhoods since it has a natural environment, including underneath resources and the Gumrah watercourse. Moreover, this is going to be Pakistan’s first no-load shedding zone. For more info about park view city plot for sale contact us on this link.

World Class Architecture

This Society is one of the utmost developed areas in Pakistan. The infrastructure is excellent, and numerous shops, cafeterias, and other industries are nearby. Moreover, this makes it a fantastic destination for investing in industrial property. The area also boasts many academic and health facilities, allowing it an ideal spot to raise a family.

World Class hospital and Academic Institution

An extensive world-class healthcare facility in Society will help with medical conditions. Furthermore, the hospital will give advanced technologies and methods for customer assistance. The leading educational organisation has included. Moreover, it will provide a wide range of residents with the best curriculum to take advantage of this opportunity. Because health care and learning are guaranteed values of all inhabitants, the administration decides to provide the finest possible care.

Flexible Payment Plan


Park View Islamabad is an exceptional opportunity for someone wanting a beautiful residence. Moreover, the architects created this home venture to match the elevated clientele’s requirements.

Furthermore, 5 Marla plots are available for only a 2.5-year monthly instalment. All funding options for this home business are satisfactory to the customer. Park View City’s financing Plans are flexible and less expensive than the surrounding Societies. Park View City prices are low compared to the Society’s amenities and affluent existence.


Society’s concept will be one of Islamabad’s most notable residential endeavours. Furthermore, Park Model appears to be a traditional speculative opportunity for property developers and buyers. Finally, if Park View is effective, it will be among Islamabad’s best social institutions, according to the Society description. Apart from it, Park View is an excellent investment prospect for both residents and investors. Therefore, potential buyers still consider Park View Islamabad worth its value because of the facilities and convenience it offers.



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