Why Did Kakashi Kill Rin? Get to Know a True Story Here

Rin in Naratu was a beautiful young girl who loved Kakashi in anime and manga. She had a crush on Kakashi when they both were in training. Whenever Kakashi had achieved something, Rin would arrange a surprise party for him. In this article, I’ll tell you all about Rin and Kakashi and why did Kakashi kill Rin. Be with me to know everything about them.


Naruto is a manga series. In this series, the story of Naruto Uzumaki is preached. This series is written and produced by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is published by Shueisha. It sells about 250 million copies worldwide in 46 countries of the world. Hence it is the 4th best-selling manga series in the world. One hundred fifty-three million are sold only in Japan. Rin in Naratu and Kakashi in Naratu are the characters.


Her full name is Rin Nohara. Rin is a minor character in the anime and manga Naruto. Rin in Naruto is the girl student of Minato Namikaze’s squad. Rin and Kakashi, and Obito Uchiha were the students of Minato Namikaze’s team. Her occupation was Leaf Ninja and Medic Ninja.

Rin had the power of healing ability. Hence, she healed very fast and well. Rin’s hobby was to be with team Minato. Her goal was to serve the hidden life village. Nothing is known about Rin’s family in the series. She fell in love with her teammate Kakashi. Oblito Uchiha was also her teammate and Minato Namikaze was her mentor. She had two enemies, Rock Ninjas and Mist Ninjas. In Naruto, she is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto.


Kakashi’s full name is Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi is the main character in Naruto. In Naruto, Kakashi is the teacher and leader of team 7. Rin and Oblito Uchiha are in his team. He is also the commander of the third division of allied shibinobi forces. He was initially created to be a harsh teacher, but later, he was calm and loving.

Most of his face is covered in the series, so his emotions are unknown. In Japanese, he is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue and is dubbed by Dave Wittenberg in English. Kakashi never expressed love for Rin, nor he did for anyone else.

Why did Kakashi kill Rin?

Rin and Kakashi were on a mission, and Rin was captured by hidden mist. The invisible mist and converted her into three-tailed Jinchuuriki. They wanted Rin to go back to the village to kill Rin and leave the three-tailed beast to vanish from the town. Rin then didn’t want to live.

After failing to take her own life by herself, she asked Kakashi to kill her. She knew if she dies, the village will be saved. Kakashi refused to kill her because he had promised Obito to keep her by any means. Rin loved Kakashi because he was the most genius amongst his classmates.

It was confirmed that Rin had a crush on Kakashi because whenever Kakashi got a promotion, no one but Rin arranged a surprise party. Rin suicided In front of Kakashi By jumping. The reason she suicided is said to be because the hidden mist made her jinchuuriki of three tails isobu.

She faired that she wouldn’t be able to have the three tails. And will go on a rampage through the village as the hidden mist had wanted. As it is known, the tailed beasts never die. Hence they were destroyed in a sense. But the beasts can neither be destroyed; they only change their forms from one to another.

Why did Rin Choose to die..?

As Rin was made a three-tailed Jinchuuriki, she knew they would destroy the village if she didn’t die. She didn’t want that. Hence she asked Kakashi to take her to life as no other hopes were left. So she then thought of suicide. She killed herself by intercepting Kakashi’s Chidori. This Chidhori was meant for hitting a Kirigakure ninja.


Hence, after reading all this article, we will know that Kakashi did not kill rin. Kakashi even wanted to save her life. She chooses to die from Kakashi’s Chidori. After reading this article, we will know who was Rin and Kakashi. Why did Kakashi kill Rin? And all other confusions get cleared. It was all for this article. If you like to add anything missing in the article, please leave a comment in the comments section.

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