Which job has the highest salary in tourism?

Tourism is among the most popular and exciting sectors in the world that is equally rewarding. If you find the idea of a 9-5 desk job boring and are looking to be a part of an industry where every day offers something new then tourism may be the right fit for you.

Those who are a people’s person and are passionate about traveling to new places and exploring new territories will find working in this field a very rewarding experience. With a good degree in hand such as the MA tourism and hospitality, you will be able to find many good opportunities in the tourism sector.

Tourism industry offers a wide range of job roles and you can apply for a preferred role as per your skill set and interest. Additionally, there is vast scope of growth in this field which allows one to earn a good salary as well. Here are some of the top job roles in tourism that are well paying

Tour manager

A very popular job role in the tourism sector is that of a tour manager. On this job role, you will be required to organize travel groups and accompany them on various tours within the country or even on international trips.

This may sound like a dream job for someone who loves travelling but it comes with various responsibilities as well. You have to ensure that the entire travel experience is a smooth one and have good knowledge of the place- this includes landmarks, tourist areas, weather, culture, heritage, places to eat or collect souvenir and more.

A tour guide is required to assist holiday makers with practical tips and guidance to make their journey a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Experienced tour managers earn between £25,000 and £30,000.

Hotel manager

Another very popular job in this sector is that of a hotel manager. On this job role, you are required to have excellent management skills, along with staying calm and approachable. Your main responsibility is to supervise the hotel staff and ensure that everything runs smoothly. This includes ensuring that planning and scheduling of each task is going well and the staff members are fulfilling their responsibilities properly.

Along with this, a hotel manager is also required to take care of financial management which means allotting a budget and sticking to it. Everything from hotel services to housekeeping, food and beverage to even marketing falls under the responsibility of the hotel manager. The salary of a hotel manager ranges as per the experience and the hotel that they work in. A smaller hotel will pay £20,000 to £35,000 while a bigger hotel can pay around £85,000 or more.

Tourism officer

A tourism officer is among the most popular job roles that you can apply for with a degree in tourism. The role of a tourism officer is to promote tourism and encourage events that will lead to revenue for a particular city.

Marketing and management are the two key areas that a tourism officer handles, including developing management campaigns, products and facilities.

Public and private sectors hire tourism officers. The expected salary range in this field varies as per experience and you can earn between £16,000 to £40,000.

While these are few of the top job roles in this sector, there are many other job profiles in tourism that you can explore with the right degree in hand.

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