What to Do After a Truck Accident: A Full Guide

Any kind of accident can take both an emotional and physical toll on you. But, truck accidents are more catastrophic and serious. Many people involved in serious truck accidents end up dead or seriously injured. However, few lucky individuals came out of truck accidents unscathed or with few minor injuries. If you or your loved one have ever been in truck accidents but came out with a few non-life-threatening injuries, then you should contact the Kansas City truck accident attorney and understand how to tackle matters post-accident.

There are a few things you can do that will help in your or your loved one’s legal battle after a truck accident. 

Assess the Damage

The first thing you need to do after being in a truck accident is to assess the damage. The immediate minutes after being in a truck accident can be overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, you need to gather your wits with you and check yourself for any damage.

If you feel fine or have a few minor injuries, then yo7 need to check the condition of your fellow passengers and passenger and driver of the truck. Assessing damage can help you in getting a strong foot in your legal case. However, never do it at the cost of your safety. If you feel calling and waiting for an ambulance is the most you can handle at the moment, then that’s what you should do. 

Call the authorities

After you’ve checked the damage and injuries, you should immediately call the authorities. In most truck accidents cases or any accident case for that matter, 911 is the first emergency responder.

If you’ve been in a truck accident on a highway, then they will direct your call to local law enforcement agencies. You must inform 911 how many people or vehicles have been in accidents so they can send ambulances accordingly. Calling the police can help in making your case strong as they will document every record accurately. 

Seek Medical Help 

Taking medical help is important after you’ve been in a truck accident, even if you feel fine. Many injuries do not show immediate symptoms but can result after stress or trauma. You could have a concussion or internal bleeding that needs immediate treatment. You must get yourself checked at the accident scene by the 911 staff and then have a complete checkup from your doctor. This will help in getting a complete medical report after the accident and can help you get compensation if you take the matter to court. 

Document Everything

Documenting everything at the accident scene is important for your legal case. However, you should only do it if you are uninjured and unshaken. Strolling around and documenting evidence at the busy highway can be dangerous and can also result in further accidents, so if you’ve been in an accident on the highway, you should wait for the police to arrive. 

If you are not on the busy road, then start by walking around and documenting everything. You should take photographs of your and your fellow passengers’ injuries, your vehicle condition, and the condition of other vehicles involved in the accident. You should also document road and weather conditions or any other factor that could have caused the accident. 

C0mmunicate With the Witnesses

Talking to people who witnessed the accident can help you strengthen your legal case. Taking witness statements is the police’s job. However, if the truck accident is large, it can take some time for the police to talk to the witnesses.

Seek a witness and request their contact details if you can. To stay in touch, all you need is a name, contact information, or email address. If you have a Kansas City truck accident attorney, you can give that information to them, or you can give it to the police if they’re investigating the incident.

Do Not Accept Anything

Even if you think that accident was your fault, keep it to yourself. You don’t have to lie, but try not to give complete details. Never tell anyone, especially the police, that you think or know the accident was your fault without consulting your attorney. You might think that you are partially responsible, but there might be many factors that could curtail your penalty, and your attorney must discover and accentuate these aspects.

Get Your Vehicle Checked 

Getting your car checked by professionals is as important as it is to have you checked medically. You must get your vehicle checked but do not get it repaired immediately because the estimate for repairs is included in your insurance claim.

Every insurance company has its own set of rules for what must be presented to be compensated for your losses. Some programs need you to picture each outside side of the car, while others demand that you take it to a body shop on a pre-approved list.

Final Thoughts:

Truck Accident

These were just a few of the actions you need to take immediately after being in a truck accident. However, since each case is different, we suggest you call the Kansas City truck accident attorney immediately and have them guide you in your case.  

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