What is the significance of technology when providing customer service?

What is the significance of technology when providing customer service?

Technology bridges the between companies and their customers in particular when customers can’t leave their homes to visit offices or stores. In addition, it can improve the customer experience, without putting unnecessary burden on your resources.

Since the outbreak, people have relied on technology to fulfill their requirements, from grocery shopping to online research to asking for help with service requests and arranging Virtual medical appointments.

Since everyone is online for the majority of their requirements, having the appropriate technology can allow you to adapt quickly to the needs of your customers. This means that you’ll continue to provide pleasant experiences even when you’re not communicating with your customers face-to- meet, and maintain their loyal to your company.

How can technology improve the customer Experience?

A one contact point isn’t enough to satisfy your customers’ requirements. In the event that this channel is not properly implemented, it could become sluggish, which could affect the quality of your services. Technology lets you provide various channels and help to connect all of these channels into one seamless user experience for your customers.

For example, a user abandons their shopping cart on your site. You then send them an automated email about their cart being abandoned. They decide to return to your site, but they need to talk to someone about your products. Following the chat session, customers go out your social media pages to keep up-to-date with your company.

While they are waiting for their order to be delivered when they are waiting for their order to be delivered, they make the DM (direct message) to your Facebook page to inquire about their purchase. Your chatbot responds, and let them know that a customer support agent will be in touch with them shortly. If an agent responds to their message, they will provide the correct information and your customer is happy.

Within your back-office the customer service team will be able to easily access all the relevant information about your customer’s latest actions with your brand on your site because you have a solid customers management software. The CS agents are well-informed and are equipped with the appropriate information that they can provide the customer with speedy servicegiving your agents the tools to be more efficient and ensuring that your customers are satisfied.

Imagine if you did not have the appropriate technology. You’d have lost your client the moment they left their cart. Morale that your CS team is affected when they don’t offer the assistance your customers require and, ultimately the revenue you earn decreases.

Technology also aids in building relationships with customers as well as increase the brand’s visibility. Customers no longer only engage with your brand through your retail store or in your office. Customers can now interact with you for a long time before or after purchasing from you. You can influence the way they interact with your brand at various points throughout their journey as a customer.

If you’re in places where your clients are, you stand an increased likelihood of being noticed and preferred over your competition. Similar to how you must establish a relationship with your customers and their needs, they must also know more about your company prior to doing business with your company. A social media presence that is active and well-established presence is essential.

Technology can also allow you to customize the services that you provide your clients. By doing this, the service they receive from you increases, which can keep them loyal to your company’s brand.

One great way to do this is by tailoring the messages you send to your customers. Let’s say that a client sign-ups to your newsletter or buys from your site. You will receive the relevant details, such as their birthday. You can schedule an automatic birthday message in your marketing software for emails which they’ll receive on their birthday. Additionally, you keep track of the products they’ve purchased from you, and you send messages that are pertinent to their preferences and buying preferences.

Once you’ve figured out the significance of technology for the customer experience, it’s time to determine the technologies that you could utilize to improve your company.

Top 6 Technologies that Can help improve customer experience

1. Analytics Tools and Software

Do you want to know more about knowing more about your customers? It is possible to analyze large amounts of data and analyze the behavior of your customers using the appropriate tools. And then, transform these into useful data. In addition, you’ll be able to build an entire picture of your ideal client and help you provide the best experience possible for them.

2. Chatbots and other automated messaging Applications

Chatbots and automated messaging allow your company provide 24/7 support. Additionally, it helps save your customers time because they are able to receive instant answers to the most frequently asked questions. It’s also possible to set up an automated callback function on your hotline to ensure that your customers don’t need to be waiting for long periods of time when there’s an increase in the number of calls on your hotline.

3. Omnichannel CS and Cloud Services

One of the most effective methods to improve customer service is to provide an omnichannel customer experience. This technology offers numerous options for your customers to communicate with you, for example providing online support, phone assistance, or in-store support. The primary goal of omnichannel technologies is to offer customers a an effortless experience from your store to online, and the reverse.

4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR VR and VR are extremely popular among the younger crowd because they are fun to utilize. If you use it correctly however, you can make use of this technology for a variety of purposes. For instance, if your business is selling clothing then you can utilize VR or AR to let buyers the ability to “wear” your products to observe how they appear.

Are you selling furniture or appliances? Make use of AR or VR to let your customers experience the way your products will look like in their home or in their personal space.

5. Voice Capabilities

Make your phone line a technology upgrade by adding voice capabilities. This is especially useful when customers try to call you while on the go or for other reasons.

6. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has become so popular , and by 2024 the market could hit $20 billion. Contrary to popular belief Blockchain technology isn’t only for crypto. Other industries, like real estate and healthcare, have also begun to use it.

Concerning customer experience, blockchain could aid in protecting customer data and create intelligent contracts. These aspects can help increase the trust of your customers. In addition, Blockchain helps improve customer satisfaction since transactions can be confirmed. Research has shown that 62% of consumers would prefer a transparent product.

There are plenty of options to improve customer satisfaction. However, before you start it is important to determine what kind of service you’d like to provide them. In this way, you can select which customer experience technology you’ll use to accomplish your goals.

How Can Inspiro Help?

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