What does “NGL” Mean, and How do you Use it?

If you are wondering what does NGL mean, NGL is actually an abbreviation which is used for ‘not gonna lie’. People often use this phrase when they want to insult someone, to share an honest opinion for someone, or to open up to your emotions. In most of the situations this NGL is used by people to share their honest opinions like, “NGL, I hate this dish”. But this phrase could be used in a rude way or flattery or insulting as well. 

There are many more such phrases which are often used by people nowadays like – 

  • “LOL – Laugh out loud”
  • “TBH – To be honest”
  • “IDK – I don’t know”
  • “IDC – I don’t care”
  • “BTW – By the way”
  • “LMAO – Laughing my ass off”
  • “GOAT – Greatest of all time”
  • “TTYL – Talk to you later”

Not gonna lie or NGL meaning in chat originated almost 100 years back but the phrase was earlier used as not gonna lie and since the year 2009 or 2010 it’s short form NGL came into existence. This is the time when the abbreviation was initially added in the urban dictionary and around that time only it started picking up the trend on Google and among people. 

Right now it is one of the best and very top trends of the time and has gained popularity among the users all across the world. 

And if you are wondering how NGL and NGL full form in chat could be used then let us tell you that it can be used how you want to use it, like the word does not follow any rules of grammar so you can just jump into using it any way you want with your real world experience. Just like this there are many such as LMK, NSFW, SMH, NVM, NBD and others.

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