Types of Wheelchair Ramps for Your Home

Wheelchair ramps might all look similar and perform the same function, but that does not mean they’re all the same. Several types of wheelchair ramps can help those in wheelchairs or who use mobility scooters to access buildings—primarily, their homes—more efficiently. Please keep reading to learn about the different types of wheelchair ramps and their purposes.

Portable Ramps

Ramps are not always a fixed object. Unfortunately, those who are bound to wheelchairs know that the world does not always accommodate their mobility needs. That’s why many of these people have portable ramps that can provide a reliable accessibility solution in places that would otherwise be inaccessible. These are generally smaller and shorter than a fixed wheelchair ramp, but they can help get a wheelchair over a threshold or a single step up into someone else’s home or business establishment.

Modular Ramps

A modular ramp provides a flexible, customizable solution when adding a fixed ramp to your home. These ramps are built of different ramps and platform segments in varying sizes. This allows the installer to build a ramp that fits your layout and landscape using the premade pieces. This is a more affordable solution than a completely custom-built ramp but provides the same convenience of fitting your property’s unique design while providing a permanent accessibility solution.

Threshold Ramps

Those without mobility issues might not even notice the presence of a threshold ramp. These small, aluminum ramps provide a smooth slope that makes it easier to guide a wheelchair or scooter over the threshold of a person’s home. Higher thresholds can become a genuinely tricky obstacle to navigate without a threshold ramp.

Temporary Ramps

Sometimes, a person might not need a permanent ramp added to their home. Perhaps your mobility change is temporary, or maybe you need an accessibility solution while figuring out more permanent measures for modifying your home. Either way, temporary ramps can be set in place to provide access to your home without making drastic alterations while you work out the next step in your life.

Choosing the Right Ramp for You

If you have mobility limitations and rely on a wheelchair or scooter, you must have the level of accessibility you deserve. Finding the right ramp can help ensure that your home is accessible to you and perhaps even make other locations more accessible. Look at wheelchair ramps for sale to find a ramp that fits your needs and home.


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