Trino Marin Known As Jose Trinidad Marin


In June 2013, the news broke that Trino was being released from prison, supposedly for good behavior. As of 2022, the net worth of Trino Marin has not been determined. However, Jenni Rivera is a popular social media personality who has an estimated $7 million net worth. While there is no official confirmation of his net wealth, Jenni’s management team runs the Instagram account.

During the infancy of their romance, Trino worked several jobs. He was the manager of a Mexican-American restaurant and earned a handsome amount. But Jenni understood his motives, and she moved into a home in Riverside Country with their two children. The net worth of Jose Trinidad is in the neighborhood of 600 to 800 thousand dollars. He was also an active member of various other professional organizations, including the police and the Fire Department.

Jose’s release from prison has caused outrage among Filipinos. During his imprisonment, people had been speculating about the reasons for the judge’s decision to free Trino. Because of his high profile, many Filipinos have assumed that Filipinos do not believe in rehabilitation and forgiveness. They also question their privacy when dealing with their family members. But despite the public backlash, Trino continues to perform to this day.

Fortunately, Trino is still on good terms with his children. His eldest daughter, Chiquis, got married while still in prison. His younger daughter, Jacqui, visited him in jail and told him she had forgiven him for his crimes. Although Trino has become famous for his evil deeds, he remains average. His children were his greatest blessings.

During his childhood, Jose Marin had a quiet life. He worked as a waiter in a cafe in the USA and had three children. While his children were his greatest joy, the couple also suffered lousy press from his relationship. During a 2007 hearing, Jenni’s sister Rosie accused Trino of molesting her in front of their son. The couple divorced, and Jenni’s children were raised in the same house.

A Mexican-American woman, Jenni Rivera, met Trino Marin in high school. He married her. He later worked as a restaurant manager. At the time, he suggested that Jenni stay home to raise their children, and she was against it and became physically abusive with him. Thankfully, she was able to save her daughter from the abuse. Throughout the years, Jenni’s life has been filled with tragedy.

Known for his sexual abuse of Jenni’s sister Rosie, Jose Marin is the father of three children. His eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera, and his son, Michael, were born during the relationship. Unfortunately, he was imprisoned for several years after the court found him guilty of sexual assault. His wife’s family has accused him of molesting Jenni’s sister, Rosie. The prosecutors sentenced him to 31 years in jail.

Before he met Jenni Rivera, Jose Marin had several jobs. When he met her, he was a restaurant manager and earned a respectable income. But, he continued to molest his daughter for nine years before his arrest in 2006. His wife, Jenni, and their children could not recover from the abuse. While they had a successful relationship, it ended after his husband abused his wife.

Jose Marin has never been convicted of any criminal offense despite his incarcerated state. He was sentenced to more than three decades in prison for molesting his wife, Jenni. He was the father of Jenni’s two daughters, Chiquis and Joanna. His two younger daughters, Josie and Lorenzo, were sexually assaulted by him. The two girls pleaded for justice, and the jury agreed.

The second wife of Jose Trinidad Marin, Jenni, is the mother of his four children. In 1985, he married Jenni Rivera, and the two became romantically involved. The couple had three children together: a daughter named Chiquis and Rosie’s son. But after the divorce, Jenni, a former model, discovered the abuse and filed for divorce. She did not disclose the abuse until a few years after her divorce, and another woman adopted the child.

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