Tips to improve your memory

Your memory failed you when you were trying to solve the Wordle. It failed you again when you could not locate your keys. The lapses in memory are even more concerning when you forget material in the middle of the exam, and you can see a D floating in your mind. 

You are rightly concerned with why your memory is going MIA. While people who are younger can chalk it up to random lapses, people who are older tend to generally be more concerned. 

With age, our cells also degenerate, and it can then lead to chronic issues like dementia. Alongside memory problems, early signs of dementia include mood problems, disorientation, issues with concentration, cognition problems etc. 

If you are experiencing these symptoms alongside perpetually forgetting things, then you must consult your Best Neurologist in Rawalpindi for diagnosis. 

Making your memory stronger 

It is not always a case of neurological problems that lead to memory issues, your lifestyle plays a big role. There are things that you can then do to mitigate this problem. 

Continue learning 

Just because you are out of school does not mean that you end your journey of learning. The more you challenge your brain, the better it performs. Continuous learning keeps the brain active. It also aids in keeping the cells stimulated, so that they continue performing better. 

There are many things that you can do to keep your brain engaged; try solving puzzles, learn new language or similar skills, play board games like scrabble that engage your brain, design new things, write a poem or short story, read things, learn new words every day etc. 

Cut down sugar 

You might love your cakes, but you cannot have your memory and eat your cake too. There are many drawbacks of eating sugar on your physical health and even your mood, but it also plays a vital role in determining your cognitive health as well. 

Increased sugar consumption has been linked to smaller brain volume as well as reduced ability to recall and retain information. 

Hence, try to control your sugar impulses. Reel your sweet tooth in. You can try plant-based alternatives like Stevia that add the sweetness and are much better for health. 

Faith in yourself

Just because you celebrated your big birthday does not mean that life now is going to go downhill. When you are convinced that your aging will inadvertently lead to memory and cognitive problems, you are more likely to throw in the towel. 

It is therefore very important that you have faith in your abilities. Work on yourself because you can certainly improve your quality of life. Take up steps to improve your cognitive functioning with the mindset that you can make the requisite changes. This conviction and faith in yourself applies to all other facets of your life as well. 

Omega-3 is your friend

Omege-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA play a principal role in your cognitive health. Adding more of these omega-3 fatty acids helps not only in better memory, but the cognitive decline is also reduced as a result. 

These also help in lowering inflammation in your body, which has a good impact on your brain as well. You can try to add fatty fish like salmon to your diet alongside taking fish oil supplements. 


Just like you would repeat the facts before your history exam to help them be edified in your brain, repeat anything that you want to remember. It not only helps you concentrate better on the issue, but it also helps you train your brain into remembering. 


Prioritize quality shuteye if you want to improve your memory alongside attention and focus. Otherwise, your cognitive performance will disappoint you. 

Doctor’s help

If your memory is faltering despite everything, it helps to seek the help of your Neurologist in Karachi to rule out more concerning things. 

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