As a vegan, you quickly learn that the world depends heavily on animals or animal by-products. Everything seems to be made from animals; from the food we eat to the things we wear.

You also quickly learn that it can be pretty difficult, and in some cases almost impossible to find vegan alternatives to non-vegan products. Luckily, the world has recognized the need to support vegan needs as well, and generally start turning away from the animal, to plant-based production.

Almost every major industry in the world has either gone vegan or provides vegan alternatives; that is why you can nowadays buy a vegan shampoo, vegan meat, or even buy vegan clothes. But, what about tattoo ink? Has the tattoo industry joined the vegan movement, and how can you get tattooed as a vegan?

These are the important questions we’ll try to answer in the following paragraphs. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tattoo Ink Ingredients

In order to create a tattoo ink, manufacturers used things like iron oxide, logwood, cinnabar, cadmium, witch hazel, ethyl alcohol, and many more other chemical ingredients. It is essential to mention that the majority of the ingredients used to create anything, from black to red ink, are pretty much toxic and contain heavy metals. And, of course, alongside these ingredients, there are the animal by-products used to either enhance the pigment or to act as pigment carriers.

So, How Can I Get a Cruelty-Free Tattoo?

Vegan Tattoo Ink

Now, the good news is that vegan tattoo ink is a thing. Though not every tattoo artist has vegan ink as an available alternative, many tattooists are willing to order vegan ink if their customers are asking for an alternative. So, that is a good thing as well.

The main thing that differentiates between vegan and non-vegan ink is the use of vegetable- or plant-based ink stabilizers, binders, and carriers. The majority of vegan inks contain vegetable glycerine and plant oils instead of animal-derived glycerin and oil. Generally, vegan ink brands explain the ink ingredients and point out which animal-derived ingredients are replaced and what exactly acts as their replacement.

If you want to get tattooed using vegan ink, it is important to either find a vegan tattoo artist or ask a regular tattoo artist to order vegan ink and use it for your tattoo. You’d be surprised with how welcoming the tattoo community is of this new wave of vegan ink.

The Best Vegan Ink Brands

If you want to pursue a vegan tattoo, then make sure to check out the following vegan ink brands as well;

    • Alla Prima Ink – this company provides a premium selection of high-quality, safe, and vegan-friendly tattoo pigments. Their ink is excellent to use on its own or to mix, depending on your preferences for the tattoo.
    • Fusion Tattoo Ink – this brand provides fully vegan tattoo ink. The ink is available in different colors and has a thicker pigment layer compared to other inks on the market. It is intended for use by professional tattoo artists.
    • Bloodline Tattoo Ink (Affiliate Link) – this brand provides fully vegan, cruelty-free ink. From manufacturing to bottling, everything is made fully vegan and safe for the customers and users. The ink is high-quality, super vibrant, and versatile for different tattooing techniques.
    • Kuro Sumi – originally formulated in Japan, Kuro Sumi provides vegan tattoo products as well as vegan ink. The Kuro Sumi ink is world-class and probably the best vegan ink out there. It provides amazing results since the ink is super vibrant and safe for use.

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