This guide contains seven methods for writing the best possible essay.


Your chances of getting into graduate school will be considerably improved if you get a perfect 6 on the GRE Issue Essay. The best universities are seeking for pupils who can write clearly and effectively in addition to those who have good Verbal and Quantitative scores. Many students have excellent academic records, but this does not mean that they are all brilliant writers!


“The more you practise, the better you become,” says the old adage. To help you prepare for the GRE, look up the AWA questions and practise answering as many as you can in the 30-minute time constraint. Begin working on your project in a test-like scenario to become better at it. It’s understandable that if you’re a natural essayist, you’d want to avoid taking the GRE. First, you should not practise for the issue essay, since it is distinct from the essays you have already had to write at school. You’re not writing literary criticism or rhetorical analysis on the issue essay; rather, you’re sending an email to a professor or employer who’s already overloaded. What matters in an issue essay isn’t the quality of your writing, but rather the effectiveness of your message. If you need essay writing help, please visit our website.

Spend no time here.

The GRE problem essay doesn’t have enough room for you to present both sides of an issue. In the end, only one side will be able to make a compelling case. If you choose a middle-of-the-road approach, your message will lack conviction and clarity. As stated by ETS, “readers are examining your ability in handling detailed instructions and explaining and creating an argument to justify your perspective on the issue.” Whichever side you choose, as long as you perform your job effectively, it doesn’t matter. If you are looking for same day essay service, please visit our website.

Explanations from the outside world.

Don’t be too general or vague. A faulty argument is simple to debunk. Arguments based on “what if?” scenarios may be thwarted by asking whether the hypothetical condition will ever materialise. As an alternative, provide specific examples, such as those listed below: Your uncle Ralph, the compulsive gambler, the War of 1812, and Keynesian economic theory are all good examples that you may use to illustrate your thesis.

Don’t go too far from the subject with your examples, but don’t go off the rails either.

A wide range of subjects may be utilised as examples, including personal experience, pop culture and history, sports, literature, and current events. Make sure that your examples don’t overshadow the essay. Be careful not to transform your essay into a history paper or a description of the event itself when using historical examples. You should only use examples that support your argument in an issue essay.

Pronouns and allusions to oneself should be avoided in writing.

It is best to avoid writing in the first person while writing an essay on a certain topic. “I think” and “in my opinion” are superfluous since the reader knows that the essay was prepared from your viewpoint. Use first-person pronouns in body paragraphs only when you are providing an example from your personal experience. Starting or ending your essay with “I” is a writing style noob sin.

Let us know what you think.

In order to avoid misunderstandings or misinterpretations, it is important to be clear and concise. One of your graders is a human and the other is an automated system, which means that this is important. The chances are that you’ve had a disagreement with your GPS or Siri at some point in time. Make bold, declarative claims instead in your GRE issue essay in order to prevent this.

Attempt to disprove the other side’s argument in your last paragraph.

When it comes to the end of an essay, many GRE applicants are stuck. Consider expressing the opposing viewpoint to show that you are aware of the fact that not everyone shares your point of view. Briefly refute and restate your own assertions in response.

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