The User-friendly and Secure way of Selling Crypto in Texas

The Cryptocurrency ecosystem is experiencing a transformation with the growing acceptance of Bitcoin. Several businesses, including brick-and-mortar stores and online shops, accept Bitcoin. There are multiple reasons for the exponential popularity of Bitcoin and other Cryptos. Many countries are legitimizing cryptocurrencies across the globe. The extensive emergence of Bitcoin ATM facilities is the most visible aspect of Bitcoin’s popularity. Now you can instantly locate a user-friendly Bitcoin ATM in Houston, Texas.

The convenience of using Bitcoin ATM 

 The growing number of Bitcoin installations is driving the popularity of Cryptocurrency. These facilities provide unrestricted access to people willing to exchange Bitcoin and other Cryptos. Crypto ATMs boost the confidence of people skeptical about using Cryptocurrencies that have a virtual existence. One can buy or sell Cryptos using Bitcoin ATM in San Antonio, Texas.

Locating the nearest Bitcoin ATM is a breeze using a reliable platform like CryptoBase. These platforms offer reliable information about Crypto ATM locations to help users buy or sell Bitcoin and other Cryptos. The intuitive website of reputable Bitcoin locators provides crucial information about buying and selling Bitcoin with no hassles.

Fast and secure transactions

You will be sharing your details and bank account information while buying or selling Bitcoin online. In contrast, a Crypto ATM in San Antonio, Texas, does not mandate sharing of banking information. Additionally, you can sell Bitcoin by using dependable Bitcoin ATM facilities even if you have no bank account.

Bitcoin ATM transactions are also faster because of the efficient online system. An individual gets the Crypto in the wallet a few moments after the transaction. The online exchange may require a couple of days before relevant Crypto reaches your wallet. There is no need to create an account like an online exchange while using a Bitcoin ATM to buy or sell Crypto. Simply use the Crypto ATM by completing identification through your phone to process the transaction.

Selling Crypto

Not all Bitcoin ATMs offer to buy and sell features as most of these only enable Bitcoin purchase. Find a Crypto ATM in Texas that allows these transactions and accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Note that some BTMs are only allowing Bitcoin transactions.

Ensure carrying your smartphone with you while withdrawing cash from the Crypto ATM. The typical process to sell your Crypto will involve the following steps:

  • You will find a Withdraw Cash option on the BTC ATM
  • Select the Withdraw Cash option
  • You will receive an instruction to enter your mobile number
  • Press continue after entering the mobile number
  • The system will send a verification code with a text message to your mobile
  • Set a Personal Identification Number having four digits to authenticate the transaction
  • Choose the type of Crypto that you wish to encash
  • Enter the amount of money
  • Access your wallet app for the coins you wish to send
  • Select the Send option
  • Use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the display screen
  • Wait for the redemption code with a text message for collecting the cash
  • The backend system will confirm the transaction with the Bitcoin network
  • It may take up to ten minutes as per the amount

Choose Redeem option and collect cash by entering the redemption code

CryptoBase is your trustworthy resource to access a Crypto ATM near you that allows cash withdrawal by selling your Crypto. Use the platform to buy and sell Bitcoin online by using your credit cards. Visit  to find more.


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