The Unexplored Side of Goa: Cabo de Rama

The Unexplored Side of Goa: Cabo de Rama

If you’ve already experienced the beauty of the smallest state in India, you would be familiar with most of the ethereal tourist destinations of Goa. Even if you’ve never visited, you must’ve heard plenty of your friends’ adventures at Goa’s beaches, churches, and pubs. However, despite the widespread popularity of the place, not many people are aware of the many offbeat locations the state harbours inconspicuously. 

Cabo De Rama is one such spot. It is a majestic fort located in South Goa. This decrepit structure unravels Goan history through its unique architectural design and location. 

One of the best ways to travel to the fort is by availing of the services of car rentals in Goa. Car rentals are convenient, comfortable, and budget-friendly if you’re travelling in packs. Cabo de Rama is roughly 35 km away from the heart of South Goa, and you would be able to reach the fort in less than an hour. 

The Historical Cabo De Rama Fort

The Cabo De Rama Fort is a visual and archaeological treat for sightseers. It boasts rich religious, cultural, and regional history. According to some legends, Lord Rama, with his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita, resided here during his fourteen years of exile, thus the name. 

The fort’s walls are stained with the stories of ruthless battles between the Portuguese and the Soonda Kings. Since the Portuguese invasion of Goa in 1510, the state has deeply imbibed the culture of its colonisers. They took over some of the forts built by Hindu rulers and restored them by adding distinct Portuguese-style architecture elements. Thus, one can witness the features of both Hindu and Portuguese architecture here. 

How to Best Enjoy Your Time at the Fort?

Explore the beautiful St. Antonio Chapel to the left of the fort, where local Catholics carry out a feast annually. Behind the chapel, you can witness the tattered remains of the unused Portuguese jail that held prisoners of war once upon a time. 

To the right, you will see a regal watchtower, which was once used as a gun stand to protect the coastline against enemies. You should also visit the ancient holy lake beneath the watchtower, which boasts rich Hindu architecture with two-sided staircases. 

Oh, and do not forget to witness the sunset from the Cabo de Rama beach. The secluded nature of the beach ensures that you can spend hours there without worrying about it getting overcrowded.

Places to Explore Around Cabo de Rama

After visiting the fort, you can travel to the nearby Anand Yoga village, roughly 24 km away. The peaceful and serene ambiance of the place could bring enlightenment to anyone. It is known for its yoga and meditation retreats and is a preferred destination for spiritual seekers and wellness enthusiasts worldwide.

Another beautiful place you can visit is Conco island. The breathtaking sight of the incredible landscape and lush green vegetation will linger in your mind long after you leave the place. You can try out several adventure sports activities here, but it is most popular for scuba diving.

Lastly, since you are in Goa, you might enjoy its nightlife before you leave. You can go to Leopard Valley – the campus nightclub located in the charming village of Agonda and dance the night away!

Don’t worry about how to head back to the Goa airport or railway station after your trip. The easiest way is to download a safe and trusted car booking app so that on your way back, the only thing on your mind is all the memories you’re going to carry throughout your life!

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