Study Visa for Canada from Pakistan

Everyone wants to get Canadian study visa, especially the Pakistani students. The student visa is usually referred to as a study permit in Canada.

Some very important things should be kept in mind while applying for a study visa. You must be sure that you are going to apply for the correct study permit to carry on your international studies. 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the Canadian immigration authority works on all related issues of study visa and its requirements.

With the passage of time and change in rules of study permit, one must be assured of following up to date advice or consultancy. 

The satisfied and best of all places to find the appropriate information is Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

According to your need and demand, your IDP counsellor can refer you to some wise and authorized immigration representatives that further can help you proceeding your work. 

Also, he will give you some important information and advice regarding study visa.

Sometimes, you can have the need of translated and couriered documents. Several working teams under this project assist the people in their most of the paperwork. It saves their time and energy both. 

Study visa and its overall arrangements can sometimes prove annoying, but when we do have a correct support with us, it becomes simpler and within a short span of time, you are done with the final task.

What are the things that one must aware of?

While applying for study visa, students should try to seek help from those channels which are providing their services free of cost. There are some immigration websites that are giving special services having no designed charges.

Firstly, these consultants advice all of the students to visit the Canada Prime Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website to make sure that they have latest information about study visa requirements.

Some consultants don’t advice the students to have permanent accommodation there. 

Conditions for being eligible 

Luckily, if you are among the countries who really need to acquire a visa for Canada, then you are totally welcomed to apply for your study visa.

You can’t know the type of the Canadian visa, until or unless you don’t know the purpose and time span of your stay. 

Let’s say, if one wants to visit Canada just to achieve your entertainment goals, then you will be getting the temporary visitor visa. On the other hand, if you want to go for study purpose, then you need student study visa.  

student visa for canada

Documents requirements for a Canadian Study Visa 

Some important documents are needed to have a secured Canadian study visa. They are as under: 

  • Correct Canadian visa application form.
  • Our passport
  • Picture (as a proof) of paid dues of Canadian visa.
  • Proof of having no criminal record/history.
  • Proof of medical certification to show good health.
  • Passport pictures according to the requirements for Canadian visa.
  • Proof of financial wellbeing.
  • Proof of returning to your native home after expiry of the Canadian visa. 
  • Identity card and documents showing Civil Status.
  • A detailed cover letter explaining the main aim of traveling to Canada.
  • Invitation letter to Canada/ Letter of support.

Eligibility w.r.t age

The eligibility criteria for study visa can be different, based on the applicant’s age status (over 18 or under it). The primary eligible ones for application are only adults. 

The people having the minor age status (below 18) are considered to get attached as the dependent ones.

Need of Passport

While applying for a Canadian visa, one must be having his/her valid passport and all other important documentation. Mainly, you need to provide duplicates of the information page of your passport. It includes the following sections:

  • The number of your passport.
  • The expiry and issue date.
  • Your demographic information that includes name, picture, place and date of birth.

Important required Documents 

Whenever one wants to apply for a Canada student visa, get the form downloaded from the official website of IRCC. You can have the multiple sources of information there. For instance, an instructional assistance, document checklist and the rest of the forms that you need to fill in for successful submission.

Proof of paid dues of Canadian visa

To get your application successfully submitted, you need to pay a required fee for your visa application and after that, attach the snaps of receipts with your application form. The fee varies depending upon the aim of traveling. 

Mainly, we’re having two types of dues:

  • Application processing dues
  • Biometric dues

Are you really in a need of student visa?

To find if you need a study visa or a permit, you must use the official Canada study permit tool. You can be considered ineligible if any of the following situations do occur: 

  • You are a part of some family or any staff member of a foreign representative of Canada. 
  • If you take any study course that has the duration of only six months or even less than that. 
  • You are among the members of foreign armed forces from the Visiting Forces Act.
  • If you are a citizen belonging to any other country, but you have an Indian status (Canadian registered). 
  • While applying, we should keep in mind that the study visa is not the permanent or regular one through which you can travel to Canada. But, after a specific duration of study, we have to come back to our native place. 

Need of Language proficiency for study purpose in Canada 

Though, the proof of English language proficiency is not among the required documents of the visa application. But, without the proof of language skills, Canadian universities won’t let you enter and get admission. 

Therefore, you are needed to submit the proof of English language proficiency. Here are some of the accepted language tests for being eligible to get admitted. They include:

  • IELTS Academic
  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced

How much time is required to get done with the process of receiving Canadian study permit? 

Right after applying for our study permit, we have to wait for at least ninety days so that the application gets processed. Usually, this procedure is faster than the expected span of time. But it still depends upon the situation of our native country as well.

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