Stargirl: Powers of Evil

In the popular series Stargirl, the members of the Injustice Society of America and Injustice Unlimited are formidable enemies for Stargirl and her allies. The show’s villains have some unique and deadly powers that they do not hesitate to use in their pursuit of evil.


In this show created by Geoff Johns, Cindy Burman is the daughter of Dr. Ito, the Dragon King, who experimented on Cindy, giving her significant powers. As her alter ego Shiv, Cindy has extreme strength and agility, and she can heal herself from injuries. Shiv can also inflict serious injury with her implanted, retractable wrist blades.


Isaac Bowin is Fiddler, and his special ability involves the manipulation of sound. This young man can produce sonic blasts with his violin that can destroy objects and knock people down. He can also cause great pain through high-pitched sounds. Indeed, for Fiddler, music becomes a weapon.


Icicle’s real name is Jordan Mahkent, and he is an original member of the Injustice Society of America. He is adept at cryokinesis, the manipulation of ice. He can shoot ice blasts in attack and freeze his opponents to the point where they can’t move. Under Icicle’s effects, Stargirl has even struggled with a frozen Cosmic Staff. Icicle can also use ice to shield himself, and he even transforms himself into a block of ice. His icy breath chills his enemies, and he can even lower temperatures just by willing it.


Henry King, Sr., is a neurosurgeon, but through a series of dangerous neurological experiments, he has become Brainwave. Indeed, Brainwave uses his mind in truly terrifying ways. With his telepathy, he can read people’s minds, answering them before they even speak. He speaks directly into their minds as well and create illusions and hallucinations in his enemies. He may even be able to transfer his own mind into the mind of someone else. In any case, Brainwave uses mind to create great pain in his opponents and even wipe out their memories. Even objects are not safe from Brainwave. He can move them by focusing on them, and he hurls telekinetic blasts at things and even people to destroy them. Finally, when necessary, Brainwave creates a force field with his mind to protect himself

The Wizard

William Zarick may not look too scary in his role as a politician, but as the Wizard, he is terrifying. With his wand, the Wizard manipulates an unknown force that gives him tremendous power to harm his enemies. Even Icicle backs away when the Wizard takes out his wand.


Sportsmaster, also known as Larry Crock, doesn’t have the superpowers of Icicle, Brainwave or the Wizard, but he is strong, extremely strong. He can literally throw people around when he wants to. Sportsmaster is also highly skilled at martial arts and weaponry, making him a dangerous opponent and earning him the nickname Icicle’s Attack Dog.


Tigress is the second of Icicle’s Attack Dogs. Paula Brooks, Larry Crock’s wife, lacks superpowers but is also extremely strong and agile. Like her husband, she is a martial arts and weaponry expert.

Indeed, these villains are deadly, but they meet their match in the Justice Society of America.

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