Six Types of Window Blinds for Your Home

Nowadays, window blinds are commonly used as modern-looking window curtains that are not only functional but also serve as a beautiful interior design element.

Select Blinds Canada, as we know, have varied translucency, from the ones that allow minimal sunlight to those totally blocking any light. Before getting to know the shapes of window blinds according to their functions, it is good to know the blind materials in advance and how they filter the light that passes through them.

Solar Screen

Solar screen blinds are designed to filter the heat of sunlight while allowing people to see through them. This type of screen is usually installed in offices.


Dim out blinds to refract incoming sunlight while maintaining privacy in the room. Light can still penetrate the blinds, but the view through the blinds is restricted. This model is commonly used in studies, dining rooms or other rooms that require lower light intensity.


Blackout blinds block incoming sunlight and provide maximum privacy. Usually, this kind of blind is equipped with rails on both sides to make the blinds function efficiently without folding them on each side. This type is usually installed in meeting rooms, bedrooms, or theaters.

After getting familiar with several types of blinds based on their basic material, here are nine types of window blinds and their application in designing interior or architecture.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are practical, affordable, and versatile window coverings; and can be divided into two types depending on their functions, namely indoor and outdoor. Indoor roller blinds combine aesthetics and light control, making them one of the most preferred products for modern and contemporary designs.

Outdoor roller blinds are designed to withstand mild to moderate wind and rain while maintaining a cleaner and expansive look for the building. This type is also equipped with a strong sling to resist wind gusts.

You can see examples of such indoor blind applications in offices or apartments, and outdoor blind applications in villas or restaurants.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are elegant and classic window curtain products with a modern look. There are also two types of Roman blinds based on their function: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Roman blinds create a warm atmosphere and a subtle touch of elegance to the room. The difference between this type of window blinds and the others is that it folds when it is pulled. For rooms that need a warmer design, roman blinds will be the right choice.

Outdoor roman blinds are designed and equipped with braces to hold stronger wind blows. Slings are also added to help pull the blinds up and hold the blinds from strong gusts when the window blinds are opened or operated.

Examples of indoor blind application are those in apartments, hotels, and in residences, while the outdoor examples are those in cafes and restaurants.

Sheer Blinds

Sheer blinds provide innovation and functional design with its unique three-dimensional structure that protect rooms from UV light. To be more specific, sheer blinds consist of two layers of screen and sometimes come with horizontal stripes between the screens. The intensity of the incoming light can be controlled easily by adjusting the angle of the horizontal stripes so that there will be less light to pass through. Sheer blinds could also perform as a good acoustic element in a room as it has an internal gap within the window blinds. The screen of this type of window blind also has varied materials such as solar screens, dimouts and blackouts. They are usually used in apartments and hotels.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most common and popular choices of blinds to get a modern interior look. These blinds usually come in PVC or wooden material and can be adjusted to control the intensity of the light via chains on the right or left side.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds can easily control the incoming light intensity or privacy by rotating the vertical slats and can be either retracted or arranged neatly on both sides to maximize openings. Vertical window blinds are commonly used in offices or residential buildings.

Roll-up Blinds

Roll-up blinds are operated by pulling the slings to the left or right side of the blinds. This type is suitable for limited space and gives a natural impression, especially when made of natural materials like bamboo.

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