Sims 4 Complete Traits Guide

If you’re stuck on what Sims 4 Traits to pick for your Sim in The Sims 4, here’s a quick guide to help you figure it out. If you want your Sims to have an adventurous weekend, pick Adventurous. If you want them to be intelligent and clever, then choose Genius. You can determine the future of your Sim with Traits — and which ones they’ll have is up to you!

Hobby Traits

Activities convey a moodlet to your sim. Taking these Traits will make your sim particularly happy when engaged in a particular activity. Also, “attributes” is two words, in case you didn’t know.

Original: When an action skill is selected and the Sim performs it, the Action Queue appears, displaying the three previously selected actions. While this queue is active, the game pauses but can be resumed by clicking on the Queue itself.

Art Appreciator

The sim enjoys art and will frequently get art-related Moodlets. For Art Lovers, seeing and discussing art becomes more focused.


The sim enjoys reading and will receive several Moodlets relating to reading. Most Bookworm discussions will include at least a few literary references.


The sim enjoys eating and will eat at every given opportunity. Eating nice food gives Foodie Sims benefits and causes them to become Happy quickly; however, eating bad food causes the Foodie’s mood to sink faster than normal. If you have a television, you can watch cooking shows. Gluttons aren’t allowed to be foodies. (This may sound strange, but think about it…)


They enjoy reading science fiction novels and playing video games, and will be particularly dissatisfied if they are unable to pursue their passions. When left to their own ways, geeks are terrific at collecting treasures and have lots of geeky conversation starters.

Lover of Music

The sim enjoys music and will receive a large number of Moodlets relating to music. For Music Lovers, you’ll need instruments and a nice sound system.


The simulation is really demanding. Perfectionists excel in crafting objects (food, novels, comedy routines, and so on), and while the creative process takes longer, the outcomes are typically of higher quality. A Perfectionist who fails, on the other hand, will sink to the lowest depths of despair, so, um, practise often. The Perfectionist Trait is ideal for Sims who work from home.

Characteristics of a Lifestyle

Lifestyle Traits describe how your sim acts on a daily basis and, in most cases, how they react to their surroundings. When it comes to keeping a clean, pleasant home, Lifestyle Traits may make your life lot easier—or much more difficult.


The sim has lofty ambitions in terms of her profession. If the sim succeeds in their profession, their mood will improve; if not, it will deteriorate. If ambitious sims aren’t promoted in a timely manner, they’ll grow irritated, so pay strict attention to career criteria each day. Sims who are ambitious cannot be lazy.


The sim enjoys the same activities as youngsters and gets along well with them. You’ll want to fill your house with toys and turn on the Kids Network on the television. If you want to keep your sim childless, or if there isn’t at least a park nearby, this trait isn’t for you. Snobs, Evil, or Hate Children are all impossible for childish sims to be.


When it comes to physical activity, the sim makes several mistakes. Unlike other Sims, Clumsy Sims, on the other hand, are quick to shrug off their misfortune. If you want a sim who excels in sports, this isn’t the best option.


The sim has an unhealthy appetite. Gluttonous Sims are continuously on the lookout for food, and they can devour any type of food with no negative consequences. They’ll even go as far as rummaging through garbage cans for food. Ew. If a glutton isn’t able to eat on a regular basis, they become quite agitated. Gluttonous sims aren’t allowed to be Foodies.


The game is, well, insane. Insane sims will experience wild mood swings, and there’s no way of knowing how they’ll respond to changes in discussion or the surroundings. If you want a difficult-to-control sim, Insane is great, but if you have a strategy for your sim, it’s not so great.


The sim is a slug. That’s all there is to it. Acting like a couch potato or napping is a lot more fun for lazy sims, and they despise physically hard activities. Exercise is a no-no for Lazy Sims, and cleaning is frowned upon. You might expect your home to resemble a pigpen. Comfortable furnishings is especially important to lazy sims, so you’ll have to spend extra to keep them happy. Sims who are sluggish can’t be active, ambitious, or neat.

Enjoys the great outdoors

The sim enjoys being outside and will become quite happy if they are permitted to spend time outside of their residence. Sims that enjoy being outside are excellent gardeners.


The sim appreciates material items and can boast to other sims about their bling. If you haven’t purchased anything new in a long time, materialistic sims will grow unhappy, therefore this Trait is best for sims that have high-paying occupations that can support their shopping habits.


The sim appreciates a clean home and will have a good time tidying it up. Sims that are neat are more likely to clean your residence without being asked. When their home isn’t up to par, they feel exceedingly melancholy. Having one Neat sim in your house is a good method to keep everything neat, since they’ll gladly drop everything else to tidy. Sims who are neat cannot be lazy or slobs.


The sim is unconcerned about being clean. Unclean surfaces and rubbish heaps have little effect on slobby sims, who don’t worry whether their residence is a shambles. Furthermore, regardless of what they’re doing, Slobby sims dirty their surroundings at a faster pace. (I haven’t done enough testing to see if slobs care less about hygiene.) Slob sims are unable to be Neat.


The sim is a high-brow someone who appreciates the finer things in life. Snobby Sims can berate items they consider to be of little worth, and they prefer either Snobs or Snobby Sims. With a starting money pool of $20,000 less the purchase of a house, you’ll have a hard time keeping a Snob pleased. Snobs aren’t allowed to be Goofballs or Childish.

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