Freelancing enables you to earn by doing what you love to do. You choose a work of your choice and are your own boss. Over the years, freelancing has got a lot of hype because of many obvious reasons. Many people are switching to it as a full-time job. According to a survey, an estimated 37% of the workforce use freelancing to make their living. If you want to enter this world of freelancing and are searching for an online freelancing course in Pakistan or, specifically freelancing course in Lahore, here is all the information you need.

You are bombarded with a number of ads on social media trying to attract you to freelancing and giving a feel like it’s a piece of cake. No, it’s not! Just like every job requires dedication and hard work, so does freelancing. Yes, you are given the facility to sit and work from the comfort of your home, and you are free from the burden and bounds of a 9 to 5 job, but it still requires your complete attention and hard work. There are numerous hurdles to reaching the top. To help you succeed in it, here are some reliable sources that offer the best courses for freelancing that can accelerate the success in your journey of freelancing. 


PFTP is one of the largest training programs that provide an online freelancing course in Pakistan. Their goal is to provide skill development training to youth to reduce unemployment. By providing the best courses for freelancing, they hope one can earn 2000$-10000$ per month after learning this program diligently. They also provide internship opportunities to enrolled students. A scholarship facility is also provided to bright students. Their best courses for freelancing fall in the following domains:

  • Website development: It includes full stack web development, front-end development, WordPress, and Magento with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • APPS development: It includes android and IOS development.
  • Emerging technologies: this comprises different online freelancing courses like python, data science, cyber security, certified ethical hacker, penetrating testing, artificial intelligence with python, robotics, and much more.
  • Accounting and marketing: Advertising offers multiple advantages like introducing a new product in the market, increase in sales, expansion of the market, educating the consumers, etc. This domain includes brand management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and fundamentals of UI and UX.
  • Video editing and designing: It teaches you about professional logo designing, graphic designing, and video editing, which helps you to get into the film industry, where video editing is one of the prime jobs.
  • Freelancing track: The freelancing track includes courses like the English language, content writing, and freelancing.
  • Advance courses: PFTP also offers advanced online freelancing courses in Pakistan relating to Amazon, cyber security, digital marketing, video editing and production, and android development.


This is also one of the great initiatives taken by the Punjab government which provides opportunities to unemployed graduates of freelancing courses in Lahore and other cities. It includes both physical and online freelancing courses. These courses are provided free of cost. There are seven training domains that include the best courses for freelancing.

    • Technical: It contains web development basics, SQL, and building websites using WordPress, HTML and CSS.
  • E-commerce: Here, you learn about Amazon VA, setting up payment getaways, Shopify store, drop-shipping store, product sourcing etc.
    • Creative design: it comprises of the courses like adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, logo designing, book covers and T-shirt designing. Adobe InDesign etc.
  • Content marketing and advertising: This domain provides best courses for freelancing in content writing, SEO, social media marketing, blogging, YouTube marketing, Email automation etc.
    • Mobile App development: Hybrid app development, flutter and react native framework, Dart, JavaScript and OOP are some of the fields included in this domain.
  • UI/UX design: It equips you with designing fundamentals, creating quick wireframes, designing professional and responsive websites, portfolio building on Behance and much more.
  • Digital and social media marketing: It provides information related to Google, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads campaigns, market and audience research, and email marketing campaigns.


Digiskills is a pioneering platform that offers online freelancing courses in Pakistan since 2018. They offer some best courses for freelancing which include graphic design, communication and soft skills, virtual assistant, digital marketing, data analytics, SEO (search engine optimization), WordPress, creating writing, e-commerce management, AutoCAD, video editing, animation and vlogging and much more.

As you step into the world of freelancing, the above-mentioned online freelancing courses in Pakistan are going to help you learn new skills. Use these skills smartly and star your journey. The path may not be smooth in the beginning, and you might face roadblocks but don’t let that put you off because it’s worth it in the end.

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