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The MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket Bat is a endorsed model of the MRF Genius. It is made with aggressive playing in mind. It features an aggressive design and is endorsed by India’s skipper Virat Kohli. This is one of the best bats for cricketing in recent times and has a great reputation among cricket players. It is available in a wide range of styles including straight, angled, and hybrid designs.

MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket Bat

The MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket bat is endorsed by India superstar Virat Kohli. It is designed for aggressive play and endorsed by the superstar for enhanced performance. It features a rubber grip that gives players more control over the bat. They ideal for aggressive cricketers looking for an upgrade in performance. It is lightweight and easy to store. It is recommended by many experts. Here is a closer look at this cricket bat.

MRF bats are designed with a unique technology that combines traditional techniques with advanced manufacturing equipment. The edges are approximately 38mm to 40mm in length, which is the standard size for a professional cricket bat. The bat’s design features a lightweight and balanced swing with a large sweet spot. It has thick edges and 1 fiber tape for additional grip. The MRF Genius 1.0 Cricket Bat comes in a range of weights, which is a significant factor when selecting the perfect cricket bat.

MRF Genius Chase Master Cricket Bat

Virat Kohli endorses the MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket Bat Red. This bat designed to encourage aggressive play and endorsed by the superstar Indian cricketer. Virat Kohli’s endorsement ensures that it is an excellent choice for any cricketer. Its asymmetric design enhances aggression in play. It features a red color to match the sex of the India superstar.

The MRF Genius Chase Master cricket bat crafted from top-grade English willow. It crafted to match the quality of the professional cricket bats used by Virat Kohli and other top players. They features an incredible sweetspot in the mid-blade, big shoulders and edges, and a square toe, lowering the center of gravity and ensuring clean pickups. It features a dual-textured semi-oval handle.

MRF Genius Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat (Harrow)

The MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket Bat endorsed by Virat Kohli and is an aggressive bat. It made with a high-quality willow handle to ensure that it is comfortable in the hands, and also provides great balance for aggressive play. The MRF Genius Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat (Harrow) is one of the best bats available on the market today. Virat Kohli himself endorses this cricket bat.

This cricket bat features the latest technology of f7 massive countered edges. These edges vary between 38mm and 40mm, which is the standard size for a professional cricket bat. The MRF Genius Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat constructed using a grade A English willow, which is naturally compress. The result is a cricket bat that is the lightest in its class with a high degree of control.

MRF Genius Game Changer Cricket Bat

This MRF cricket bat is one of the premium bats available on the market. The English Willow used in the manufacture of this bat selected from the finest players’ lot. Sydney Cricket Store sources it directly from the factory and hand-picks each bat according to its performance, pick-up and feel. After the cleft selected, it hand knocked with two coats of oil. The bat comes with a premium-grade Extratec sleeve. It also comes with a premium-grade cricket bat case.

The Game-Changing MRF Cricket Bat features an exaggerated hump on the sweet spot. It also has a flat toe. The MRF Genius Cricket Bat features a high degree of pick-up and performance at the test-grade level. This bat has been name after India’s captain Virat Kohli and designed in collaboration with the best cricket bat manufacturers. This bat has been design to complement Virat Kohli’s unique style.

MRF Genius Classic Cricket Bat

The MRF Cricket Bat is a professional level English willow cricket bat. It designed to deliver destructive shots. Made from grade B English willow, it provides perfect balance. This bat is certified by a five-layer balance security test. It has f5 massive countered edges and is about 38 to 40 mm thick. Moreover, it comes with a protective cover that keeps it safe from scratches.

The MRF brand associated with many top-level players, including Sachin Tendulkar. Since the partnership started in the mid-90s, it has been synonymous with great success. Its new mascot is prolific Indian skipper Virat Kohli, who continues to endorse its cricket bats. With a history of supporting young talent, MRF has continued its association with the cricket bat. Its latest partnership with Prithvi Shaw has further enhanced its credibility among cricket fans.

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