Most Common Tech myths debunked by local mobile phone repairs experts.

The more we use electronics like cellphones and computers, the more perplexed we become about how they work. Technology should be simplified, and misconceptions should not prevent people from getting the most out of their devices.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about the technology debunked by local mobile phone repair experts. We believe and act on these daily myths, ranging from whether it’s terrible to leave your phone plugged in overnight to whether dismissing applications helps your iPhone’s battery last longer.

Most Common Tech myths debunked by local mobile phone repairs experts.

A virus cannot infiltrate a Mac.

Malicious software can infect Macs as well. Before a Trojan infected thousands of Macs in 2012, Apple boasted that their devices were more secure than Windows PCs. According to smartphone and tablet repair professionals, this is not true, and Macs are equally exposed to Trojan viruses as other devices.

Close all applications when your iPhone’s battery runs low.

One of the most common misconceptions about the operation of smartphone batteries is that closing applications will increase battery life. According to mobile mechanics maximum FR, killing background programs on your iPhone does not increase its battery life.

Using a private/incognito window keeps your online activities private.

Being anonymous is a common misconception, but “incognito” and “private” are frequently used interchangeably. By disabling the browser’s history and login autofill features, Incognito Mode in Google Chrome and Private Browsing in Safari accomplish the same. It keeps others from seeing what you’ve been up to on the computer. However, it will not protect your privacy by hiding your IP address from the websites you visit, so use caution if you want to avoid being tracked.

Tracing it is nearly impossible without the phone’s GPS.

The global positioning system (GPS) is one method for tracking the location of a mobile device, but it is far from the only one. According to a Pew Research Center study published in 2017, You can track mobile devices using Wi-Fi and cell towers.

According to CNBC, researchers at Northwestern University demonstrated last year that it was possible to deduce the position of a device using information from other sensors, such as the accelerometer and gyroscope in your phone.

Using the microphone, Facebook may be able to listen in on your phone calls.

After a year of privacy scandals, it’s understandable that the public is wary of Facebook.

However, there has long been speculation that Facebook listens in on your private conversations to tailor its advertising to you. That is not the case, according to Facebook.

When you use your phone while it is charging, there is a potential that it can explode in your palm, causing severe harm or even death.

Phones have a very low risk of exploding, and it only occurs when you use a defective charger, or there is an issue with the phone from the manufacturer’s end, like with the Samsung Note 7. If the charger and the phone are both OK, charging while using the phone has nothing to do with it bursting.


It seems so strange that we used to believe all these things, but now this article by local mobile phone repair experts has indeed enlightened us about the technology and the myths surrounding it.

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