Men Type Quiz Made For Women: How to Play it?

Are you fond of playing quizzes? Do you like to know about some interesting facts about yourself by playing quizzes? Then at some point you must have played quizzes like men type quiz made for women, zodiac sign quiz, personality quiz and many more. 

Quizzes can also be gender-specific for example this ‘men type quiz made for women’ quiz. These types of quizzes offer an insight into the preferred choices that are made by the subconscious. These quizzes can tell us a lot about our personalities and the hidden preferences of certain things in our minds. 

This particular men type quiz made for women has been made by Clarinette and follows a simple set of rules. This quiz is designed to know about your preference for men and what you most like in men. Men or women quiz shows that what trait of the gender is the most liked by the other gender. 

How to Play Men Type Quiz Made for Women?

To play this quiz you have entered your name in the box on the first page, then press the ‘start quiz’ button. You will have to answer 14 questions in total by selecting the options that you like the most for each question.  

After pressing the ‘start quiz’ button, the first question will appear on the screen. It will show two pictures of different celebrities and you will have to select by clicking the picture that you like the most from the two pictures of the celebrities. 

The questions in this quiz include common questions like ‘to whom you are attracted the most?’ with two pictures of celebrities and you have to select the one you are attracted to the most. 

Once the quiz is finished and all the questions are answered, you will have to sign up to get the result of the quiz. The result of the quiz will be directly sent to your email id after the sign up is complete.

The result of the quiz shows your preference for men and the quality in men that attracts you the most. The result will include a picture of a celebrity that falls closer to the preferences you made. 

Type of Questions in the Quiz?

The man or woman quiz has a lot of different questions that reveal a lot about a person. The questions asked may include questions about attractiveness, height, body, physique, hair and all the physical traits that are attractive to you. 

Besides asking about the preference of the physical appearance, the quiz will also have some questions about the nature of a person that you prefer like ‘do you want a man to be caring?’, ‘do you like an emotionally strong man?’.  

Some other questions included in the quiz can be about the preference of the place or venue for a perfect date. For example, ‘Where would you like to go on the first date?’, ‘Would you prefer going to a restaurant or cinema on the first date?’ These types of questions will further help the quiz makers to sort the correct result for you. 

Purpose of Playing Quizzes

Quizzes are for entertainment purposes only. Depending upon the result of the quiz mainly to search to a particular man that the result shows is not advised nor recommended. This quiz is only designed to get a little knowledge about the preference of a woman when it comes to her taste in men. 


Men type quiz made for women is very commonly played by thousands of women around the world to know about their perfect match according to the quiz results. This quiz helps women get a rough idea about the type of men they prefer and which type of man will be a reasonable fit for them. 

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