Make the Best Sanitisation Checklist

Different microorganisms surround our everyday life. While some of them are beneficial, others are detrimental and disease-causing. They are present in air, land, and water everywhere. They are inside of us as well as on our skin surface. Additionally, surfaces and items that we contact contain germs. 

Sanitization is one of the most crucial components of a thriving community because it safeguards human health, increases lifespans, and positively affects the economy. Sanitizing is part of life irrespective of the presence of bacteria. 

Importance of Hygiene and Sanitisation

WHO defines hygiene as “the conditions and practices that help maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.” It entails more than just maintaining environmental cleanliness. 

It necessitates abstaining from any unhealthy behaviors. By putting such a practice into a regular routine, we not only get healthier but also see an improvement in the standard of our life.

Millions of people in the developing world suffer from poor health due to inadequate sanitary infrastructure, subpar hygiene standards, and contaminated drinking water. Public health can be dramatically enhanced by using sanitation initiatives to block disease pathways.

Choosing the Best Sanitary Products

Every big thing starts at the grassroots level. Choosing the best set of sanitising products is not a cakewalk. Health and Glow have a great collection of trusted brands and expert-recommended products for you to choose from.

Dettol Multi-purpose Disinfectant Spray for Hard & Soft Surfaces

You and your family are protected from germs, bacteria, and viruses with the help of Dettol disinfectant spray. This broad disinfectant spray with alcohol cleans your house and removes microorganisms that cause odours. It aids in destroying influenza and cold viruses, particularly the H1N1. The sanitising spray has recently gained popularity due to its accessibility. 

You can use the Dettol disinfectant spray to keep surfaces clean and odour-free in the bathroom, kitchen, dustbin, shower floors, taps, couches, drapes, rugs, and vehicle seats, among other places. It securely eliminates bacteria from common objects while leaving behind a nice pine scent. Chemical Disinfection of any area of your home is a primary yet vital step in preventing viral and bacterial diseases. 

Dettol Disinfectant Skin & Surface Wipes (Floral)

Dettol Disinfectant Skin & Surface Wipes are multifunctional wipes that can clean and disinfect your skin and exterior spaces. It offers the highest level of anti-germ protection and is simple to use at home or elsewhere. 

The Dettol Disinfectant Skin & Surface Wipes’ emollients hydrate your skin, while the wipes’ pH-balanced formulation prevents them from interfering with your skin’s natural defences. They are perfect for on-the-go or in-home quick clean-ups of your hands, face, and worktops.

Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer for Hard & Soft Surfaces

Many persons frequently come in contact with high-traffic surfaces, such as tables, door knobs, armchairs, rugs, and curtains, and serve as a breeding ground for various microbes. 

Savlon Disinfectant Spray is a multipurpose spray. It deodorises and disinfects in a single simple action. To eliminate germs throughout your home and leave it smelling fresh and inviting, use Savlon’s special spray composition on hard and soft surfaces.

Luxor Nano Gadget 3 In 1 Spray 25ml With Microfiber Cloth

The Luxor Nano Gadget Disinfectant and Cleaning Spray sanitise and disinfect your device while leaving behind a lovely aqua-fresh scent. It is one of the basic disinfectant products that come as a sanitiser disinfectant combo.  

The Luxor Nano Gadget Disinfectant Sanitizer Spray destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on your electronics, including mobile phones, computers, notebooks, LCD screens, cameras, and more. This sanitiser disinfectant spray combo is the best choice to prevent germs from entering through electronics. 

A microfibre anti-static cloth is also present. Due to its small spray can, the Gadget Disinfectant Spray Sanitiser is convenient to use and store.

How to Go About It?

You should routinely clean and sanitise frequently contacted surfaces and items to stop the spread of infection. Toys, electrical switches, faucets and toilet handles, worktops, door handles, and other items in your home are examples of this.

But cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising are not the same. Dust, grime, crumbs, and bacteria get removed from walls and items by cleaning. You probably use soap and water to physically clean surfaces when you clean. It may not automatically kill the germs. 

Utilising chemical disinfection eliminates germs from surfaces and objects. Alcohol solutions and bleach are a few common disinfectants. You need to leave the disinfectant on the surfaces for a particular time to kill the germs. 

You could sanitize by cleaning, disinfecting, or doing both. By sanitising, you are bringing the germs down to a safe level. 

When utilizing cleaning and disinfection chemicals, safety must always come first. Apart from these products mentioned above, ensure to carry a small hand disinfectant spray. Please keep them in their original packaging. Always read the label’s warnings and follow the directions on it. 

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