Maintaining friendships in our adulthood! Let’s see how it evolves with us

Many things change as we enter the adult world- how we spend our time, the responsibilities we carry, our hobbies, and mostly, our friendships. The same friends we grew up with and played with suddenly become strangers or rather acquaintances as life progresses.  We keep them in our memories but don’t have the time or capacity to keep them in our lives. We change, they change, and ultimately the meaning of friendships change as we become adults in this fast-paced world. This is why the people that still remain with us over the years become extra special. On this friendship day, put everything else on hold and make your friends your priority. You can even look for some friendship day gifts ideas to honor the friends that are still in your lives despite your shortcomings. ‘We should catch up soon’ becomes our favourite catchphrase as adults as we put everything else ahead of our friends. Family, parents, and kids take up the majority of our time while the people we called friends become dispensable. It is sad but true as innocent friendships turn into a calculative affair, oftentimes, due to our own actions. But, not all of us watch our friendship just slowly fade away. We do whatever we can to hold onto the people we care about, which might not seem like a linear path always. Sometimes, you make your way to old friends, leaving behind your ego and clashes, as you age and crave their company. Given the importance of having a close group of friends in all phases of our life, we must do our share of work to keep these bonds alive. Time and distance are no adequate excuses in this day and age to take our friendship for granted. While you may not be able to feel the spontaneity of your teenage years in your friendship, you can still sustain that spark of dependency, especially in your later years. Here are the few ways you can make the transition of your friendships into your adult life much smoother, irrespective of your marital or parental status. 

Get your expectations in check

Relay your expectation to your friends regarding the best ways to communicate and the times during which you will be completely off the radar. It is important to communicate well with your friends rather than indulging in speculations and jumping to conclusions. For some people, a weekly phone call can keep the friendship going, while some might need to arrange meet-ups often. So, the way you communicate and the kind of expectations you set will be personal to you and your friends. 

Don’t use ‘I am too busy’ as an excuse

Just stating that life is too busy is not enough as it might seem like you are shirking your friends without any good reason. In fact, one can become extremely annoyed at you upon hearing this phrase several times. Yes, friends are supposed to understand you, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t give them the respect they deserve. You won’t leave your partner hanging ever, so why do that with your friends? Give them the reason for your busyness and offer to meet them some other time. 

Do small things here and there for your friends

Send your friends cakes, flowers or gifts on their birthdays. Make them smile in their busy lives with your small gestures, as these are what will keep your friendship alive. If you are not someone who is keen on going outside or you are not good with words, then quick text messages regarding their health and life make a world of difference. It makes your friends feel like an indispensable part of your life.  

Be there for them during major life events

You might not remember the friend you made when you were five, but you will surely remember the friend that got you out of difficult times. After all,  true friends are there for each other. You have to become that presence for your friend where they can count on you in dire states. Oftentimes, in our adult life, the problems we encounter can take a heavy toll on us, whether it be financial issues or relationship troubles. These are the times when any friendship is specially tested, and you don’t want to fail that because of your inattentiveness. If your intentions are in the right place, then nothing can stop you from maintaining your friendships. You just have to learn to better manage them as life is no longer similar to what it was during college. With that being said, if you wish to rekindle some lost friendships, then definitely look up some special Friendship Day gifts ideas as you don’t have many days left till D-day. 

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