List of Top Pan Asian Cuisine to try from top 5 Restaurant in Lahore

Pan Asian Cuisine? If you are wondering what it means, you’ve come to the right place. Pan-Asian cuisine includes foods from a variety of countries and cultures across the continent.

A fiery curry food from rural Southern India, rice, and vegetable dishes from Vietnam, and a classic Chinese rice and shrimp dish are all to be found a Pan-Asian menu. Want to know what tastes like? Living in Lahore, can give you an opportunity to have Pan- Asian dishes in your plate.

There is variety of Pan Asian Cuisine Restaurant, you can order form or visit as they allow customers to extend their culinary horizons. For those who desire to step outside their usual comfort zone, we have a list of top 5 Pan Asian Cuisine to try form in Lahore. Let’s have a look!

Novu Pan Asian Cuisine 

Ever heard of the name before? In Lahore, Novu Pan Asian Cuisine is noted for delivering the most genuine Pan-Asian cuisine. The restaurant has engaged a well-trained and experienced crew, ensuring that every mouthful of food supplied by this restaurant is flawless.

Not only that, but the staff is really courteous and will ensure that you are well-served. The cuisine offered at Novu are just as delicious as the rest of the menu. In the winter, Novu Pan Asian Cuisine is the finest spot to visit. Because of its pleasant, inviting ambience and delectable cuisine, Novu Pan Asian cuisine has received some of the greatest client evaluations. If you’re a Lahori, you would not want to miss this!

Opium Chinese and Thai 

When you wish to have a hot bowl of soup, Opium Chinese & Thai is another spot you can count on. This restaurant’s success stems from the high-quality meals it serves. When it comes to soup, the quality is no different. Opium will meet your demands with some of the most delectable soup variations. Opium offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The ambience is ideal for the most exquisite soup on the planet. Hungry already? Wait for more. 

Bamboo Union 

Bamboo Union is well-known in Lahore for its excellent Pan-Asian cuisine. Bamboo Union’s reputation is based on the wonderful flavor of its meals and the restaurant’s exceptional service.

Bamboo Union has provided only the finest to the people of Lahore. All the dishes are out of this world. Wonderful, isn’t it? Bamboo Union, undoubtedly will become your all-time favorite soup restaurant, making it a great way to spend your money wisely.

Also, Pan-Asian Cuisine Restaurant has cozy and cheerful environment, is a wonderful match for variety of dishes served here. This location will undoubtedly provide you with one of the greatest experiences at a very cheap price.


Xiwang, another well-known brand in Lahore, has always been able to preserve its reputation for serving the tastiest soups in the city. The rich flavor and taste of the dishes on offer will brighten your dreary winter evenings.

This restaurant is incredible, so if you want to have a dinner party for your friends, do it at Xiwang without hesitation! The restaurant is huge, comfortable, and everything else a decent restaurant should be. The flavors compliment the dishes so well, that it became a whole new brand in itself. 

The wok 

In just a few months, the Wok in Lahore had made a reputation for itself in the city. This is entirely due to the most committed and professional personnel, who provide the most delectable Chinese and Thai food. This, of course, includes the Pan Asian Cuisine offered at the establishment.

Each flavor is sealed by the chefs’ depictions of professional goodness. The Wok’s ambiance and setting are second to none. As soon as you sit down, you’ll feel at ease! 

Being a food lover is not a problem, but not finding a right place for your craving is. We have provided you with variety of restaurants having Pan Asian Cuisine. But, trusting us tying Bamboo Union will be an ultimate bliss as it is ranked as the best Pan Asian Cuisine Restaurant. You’ll definitely thank us once you will visit or order form Bamboo Union. 

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