Inflation and Auto Insurance Implications

One of the main problems with inflation not often mentioned by people is that once it starts it causes a snowball effect all across the economy. Suddenly, everyone is putting their prices up. Suddenly every motorist wants to find cheap car insurance because of the increasing utility, food and shelter costs they are facing at a most unfortunate time in which companies are also under heavy pressure with their own expenses.

Snowball Effect in Vehicle Insurance Industry

One of the surprises of the last year is that second-hand automobiles have gone up in value by as much as 40%. Now, when a car is totaled the insurer has to pay 40% more for the replacement. Also, parts and labor costs have been going up mainly because of inflation and shortages in the economy. The similar ripples are seen in other units of expenses.

Also, the claim numbers have been increasing that add another pressure point in the system. It isn’t hard to see what it would do in an environment where the cost of each repair has gone up a lot. So, it would intensify the pressure to hike prices. They wouldn’t just put them up a bit but they have to push it up quite a lot that they have to risk losing customers

Carriers have been very patient with automobile insurance rate increases for a long time. They struggled a bit with covid and had to return some premiums because nobody was driving. They were already looking to increase prices. Now they have no choice but to pass these costs to customers if they want to have any chance of making profit.

What Could Policyholders Do About It?


If you haven’t yet received a hiked-up car insurance renewal notice you will get it shortly. One of the first problems that start showing up in an environment like this is that people’s credit scores start going down. It is important because companies look at it before they determine quotes. It is one of the key factors in price setting.

As long as you keep your credit score high you have a good chance of weathering the current climate. Not only can you find relatively cheaper auto insurance, but also you could get cheaper credit. These are all in relative terms. Rates would be going up all over the place but you could still get the best deals in comparison to what is available to other applicants in the market.

Another option is to get a longer-term policy if you can because when things start going bad, they really go bad at some stage. Most companies like to sell a six-monthly policy but you can still find a yearly policy that keeps your rates longer. If they come down, you can still switch before the renewal date arrives. You may have to pay a small penalty but it isn’t usually a problem, especially if you are saving money.

Now, people are keener than ever to save money on vehicle insurance. It is good that they realized they can reduce their costs by doing so but it is better if they do it habitually every year. The longer you don’t check the higher your prices are likely, according to many surveys and studies. 


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