How to Post to Instagram from Mac and PC

How to Post to Instagram from Mac and PC

The app’s 1 billion active users make Instagram more famous than Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest competitors. But, there’s always one disadvantage — Instagram began as an application for mobile photos, and it’s. Still, the desktop version doesn’t permit posting to Instagram using a Mac and PC. check now

This isn’t a big deal in the context of sharing pictures of your recent meals or cuddling your cat. In addition, you can share, like, comment and search.

What if you wanted to use your Photoshop skills to edit a photo that you took with your smartphone before posting to Instagram via Mac or PC? or if you snap pictures using an electronic camera? or if you’re looking to schedule a few Instagram postings for the upcoming week?

There are options to work around that you can use to post on Instagram using a Mac or PC. That is the topic we’re going to discuss this morning!

Eight ways to post Instagram: 8 ways to post Instagram via Mac or PC

Mobile users most commonly use Instagram, and posting directly from your smartphone is easy. However, if you wish to go beyond like comments, like, or scroll your feed, you’ll require a solution to access Instagram with the computer Mac or PC.

There are many methods to overcome this issue. We will look at every way that you can utilize to publish on Instagram using the comfort of your Mac or computer, which includes a straightforward hack, our most popular scheduling tools, as well as other applications from third-party developers.check now

Post on Instagram using Mac and PC via adjusting your browser’s user agent.

This is the most simple solution. This doesn’t need any programming expertise. However, you’ll be able to see some hidden information within your browser. Be assured that you won’t make a mistake If you follow the steps below.check now

What is a user agent? The string for a user agent tells the website which device and what browser you’re using to browse the website. For instance, a website may make it easier to navigate using a mobile phone. In the case of Instagram, the site could make it impossible to post on a desktop!

If you change your user agent from mobile to desktop, you can “trick” Instagram into letting you upload content from your Mac or PC. This is how you can accomplish this.

In Safari (Mac Users only):

  • Start Safari and sign in to Instagram just like usual.check now
  • Select Preferences in the Safari menu.
  • Tap Advanced, then check the box that says Show Develop Menu.
  • Shut down on the Advanced tab, then search the Develop menu within Safari. It should be in front of the “Window.”
  • Click on the Develop menu, and then select User-Agent.
  • You’ll see the list of all different User Agents. Select iPad or iPhone. Any model can be used.
  • Close the menu, and now you’ll be able to upload a feature on Instagram (the tiny + icon in the center of the display).
  • To escape this situation, refresh the page. Your view should return to normal if you don’t shut down this menu. Develop menu.

To use Chrome on Mac: Mac:

  • Open your Chrome browser and sign in to Instagram just like usual.check now
  • Select the View menu, and then choose Developer.
  • Choose Developer Tools.
  • Click on the “more” icon (three vertical dots).
  • Select More Tools and then Network Conditions.
  • Select User-agent, then uncheck the Automatically Select option.
  • Select a mobile device in the User Agents list. All iPhone and the iPad option will be able to work.
  • Shortly, you will be able to upload images directly to Instagram via Your Mac device.

If you’re on a PC, here’s how to get it done on Google Chrome:

  • Open your Chrome browser and sign in to Instagram just like usual.check now
  • Click on the three vertical dots icon located in the top right-hand corner of the web browser.
  • Select More Tools, then Developer Tools. A window that has a lot of code will be displayed.
  • In the toolbar in the new menu, Look for an icon that appears like a tablet or a mobile phone:
  • Device icon in Chrome Developer tools
  • Click this icon, and you’re good to go.
  • When the button to upload does not appear right away, Refresh your browser.
  • Once you’re done when you are done, close the Developer Tools window, and your view will be into normal mode.

Post to Instagram by using an Instagram scheduling tool.

You can also upload on Instagram using your Mac or PC with the Instagram calendar tool. These tools offer a myriad of other options like the possibility of rearrangement of your posts, theme filters, the opportunity to upload photos in bulk Analytics, and other features.check now

Here are some of my top Instagram tools for planning that allow you to upload content to Instagram using a Mac and PC.


This potent Instagram tool for planning and scheduling has a wealth of features. It is built with the most advanced Instagram user in mind and provides many features at a cost.check now

Individuals can sign up for the free Plan, which permits users to upload at least 120 photos per month. You can move into the power User plan, which allows unlimitable uploads, the collection, and access to more tools.

The features offered in paid editions of Plan include:

  • Drop feeds and drags them into the editor.
  • Unlimited uploads of pictures and videos.
  • Tools that make reposting simpler.
  • Access to a library of stock images.
  • Uploading to multiple places, such as Google Photo and Dropbox.
  • Access to a proprietary image editor.
  • The capability to schedule Stories.
  • Strategies and analytical tools.

One thing that makes Plann stand out Plann is the capability to program Stories. These time-sensitive posts are viral on Instagram now, and being able to schedule these posts from your computer is an enormous benefit.


Formerly known as Latergramme, Later is a cloud-based service that allows users to plan, manage and schedule Instagram posts. Their basic plan is free and lets users manage more than Instagram. You can also create at least 30 tweets per day across Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You’ll need to shell out from $9 to $50 per month to access more options, based on your use. (Note that the $50 monthly plan is geared towards marketing agencies; therefore, you’ll be paying significantly less for a solo firm.)

So, what can you get from Later? In addition to being able to plan and post on Instagram using either your Mac as well as your PC, You also have the ability to:

Up to 100 posts every month to each social media platform: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Sked Social app for Instagram

The issue with most Instagram tools is that they were designed for platforms such as Facebook but then added the capability to schedule Instagram with a nagging thought. In the end, these tools did not create an Instagram program that was designed to take into account the visual aspects of Instagram.

Sked Social did the opposite! They began as an Instagram-specific application and have since allowed you to program your schedule for Facebook and Twitter too. In turn, they provide features that other tools do not.

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Sked Social plans Sked Social start at $25 per month. This is slightly more than the other options, but Sked Social has many benefits at a reasonable cost. If you have a team of members that require collaboration tools, Sked is a solid option.

The features include:

Ability to program posts to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Unlimited users.
  • Approval of Workflows (for more excellent plans).
  • Create a schedule of videos, photos as well as Instagram stories.
  • Locations of Tags and users and sites.
  • Shoppable and product tagging post (Marketer plans and on).


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