Hello! If you came here it is because you have the desire to take care of your health. Congratulations! We welcome you to this conversation about a topic that is constantly on the minds of many people: how to lose weight? 

Javier Pérez Hernández, an expert in nutrition and counselor in physical activity, accompanies us to address this issue . Our guest teaches that eating healthy is part of your lifestyle. But how to achieve this goal? Let’s see their recommendations: 


Stress, fatigue, lack of money, among other reasons, make us get used to being worse year after year. Being worse off means stopping looking in the mirror, changing to larger clothing sizes (we don’t feel comfortable with this, but we still don’t do anything); feel pains and get used to them; deprive yourself of walks or stop playing sports.

7 out of 10 people get worse each year. They gain 2 or 3 kg per year and lose 1, and they settle for this. 

We must seek that the pleasure of life is to feel good physically without lying to ourselves. That the pleasure of life be family and friends, emphasizing the talk and not eating until you feel bad. 

We must find pleasure in walking in a park, and above all, in that eating healthy is pleasant. Our brain can be so primitive that if we give it french fries every day instead of salad, it keeps this and can’t get out. 

The healthy one is because he works on it from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed. He wasn’t born that way!


In addition to a good diet , exercising is a fundamental step to achieve good health. Write down these tips!

  • Move more: As soon as you get up, move for a minimum of 20 continuous minutes.
  • Do a balanced exercise: Always combine muscle strength work, cardiovascular athletic exercise and stretching.
  • Combine the exercise: Vary your exercises, this way you will avoid injuries due to muscular exhaustion and you will make the training more fun.
  • Increase resistance: If you are not used to doing strength or resistance exercises, start by doing two weekly sessions of body training, exercising all parts of your body (pilates, yoga or tai-chi, for example)
  • Start a healthy diet that suits your own lifestyle.
  • Take the exercise as an obligation: Do not let more than three days in a row go by without doing a routine, unless you do not feel well or have an injury.
  • Cushions the steps: If you are going to run, avoid surfaces where there is cement and choose those that cushion the impact of your feet. Combine running with other cardiovascular exercises like dancing or riding a bike.
  • Take the long road: Do not expect short-term results and always choose the paths where you must make a greater effort. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, for example!
  • Consult with a professional trainer: It is the most effective to achieve results in the short and medium term, but above all, to avoid injuries.


The most important exercise is to WALK at least 45 minutes a day, it can be at home, walking around in the yard or in the park.

Also JUMPING ROPE: It is an effective exercise that we often overlook. It’s cheap (you just need a piece of string that you can find at any hardware store), it’s fast, it’s effective, and it’s highly underrated. 

Jumping rope can be a very complete cardio workout that you can also do anywhere. If you do not want to leave home, if you are traveling and there is no gym at the hotel, or if you have the excuse of the weather.

When jumping rope you are not only working your legs, but the muscles of the central area of ​​your body also collaborate to maintain a correct posture, and your shoulders and forearms also work to move the rope. 

A ten-minute workout jumping in bursts of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest can already be very challenging. You can do it without a problem if you don’t have injuries to your knees, ankles and hips, or are very overweight, otherwise consult a specialist .


There is no perfect and complete food, nor is there a bad food. The set and the variety is what determines that there is a healthy and balanced diet.

The correct thing is to establish the specific proportions in the consumption of food that allow achieving an adequate weight, but guaranteeing the maintenance of a good nutritional situation.

All food provides calories, the main conditioning factor is their intake. Therefore, what is decisive is the total diet, there is no specific food, no food can make you lose a gram You have to find a balance between intake and energy expenditure.


Not respecting meal times or eating the first thing we find when we are hungry leads us to have eating problems, which are often caused by anxiety. 

Did you know that the lack of food for long hours causes the sugar in the body to drop, which makes us want to eat sweet things or things with a high caloric load? 

Here are some foods to combat anxiety: 

  • Gelatin: If you prepare it, you can do it without fats or sugars, so it will be an ideal food to stimulate your metabolism and it is also suitable for weight loss diets.
  • Almonds: Almonds have iron, healthy fats, and contain zinc, a key nutrient for maintaining a balanced mood. 
  • Oatmeal : The carbohydrates present in oatmeal help us increase the levels of serotonin (a neurochemical) in the brain.


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