How to Keep Your Home Warm.

Keeping a house warm and cozy is a technical thing, especially in mostly cold areas. Many find this very hard and costly. But if doing it wisely and smartly it can be very welcoming and budget-friendly.

Residents of cold areas are spending more on monthly bills as compared to residents of those areas where is normally moderate temperature, and this is obviously because of the high energy consumption to maintain the moderate temperature inside.


What if there are ways that are highly efficient in maintaining a warmer home at reasonable bills?

Yes…there are to do so, from applying specific paints on walls to having a window treatment that is specially designed to keep the inside warmer.

Note: This list is made upon our experiences and observations.

Use the Natural Resources

It is not a wise strategy to go for artificial ways while there are natural. In this regard the natural resource is sunlight. Use it wisely and smartly as much as you can.

Use a trusted weather forecast source and note the time when there is sunny mostly from there open up every window you have and let and sun in.

Use automation in your window treatments which can detect the sunlight and open itself to get most of the sunlight or you can also have a specific kind of sunlight absorbing material that can absorb the sunlight and work as radiant.

Smart Thermostat

Using a thermostat that can be programmed easily is seriously going to reduce your bills. A smart thermostat can detect when to increase and decrease the overall temperature of the house. Automatically.

So it can surely reduce your overall expenses by the fact that it not running all the time. You can also program it like at any specific time you want it to be on or off. For this, you have to deeply analyze your circumstances so you know exactly when the thermostat needed to be on.

Fill all the Unnecessary Holes in the House

No matter how much effort you are making on your space to keep it warm, no matter how good is smart thermostat these unfilled holes going to run through everything.

Sometimes people claim that they didn’t have any unfilled holes in their homes and still struggling with low temperatures. So have to look again and look deeply, any king to crack or even likely the window treatment is not professionally installed and has some gaps around.

Also if have any pets and if there is a door walk through means a doggy door for it then you surely have an eye on it and also make sure that at night it is tightly close enough so the air from the outside cannot pass through it.

Use a Reverse Ceiling Fan

Opt for using a fan clockwise to keep its surroundings warmer. This is probably when swinging clockwise pushes the cold air upwards as it is quite heavier than warm air.

And from here most of the cold air is now going up and here it mixes with the heat that is generated by the coils of fans and then the fan starts pushing warm air downward.

Window Treatments

This is by the handiest solution on this very list. Window treatments when mindfully and wisely are surely the greatest source of insulation. There is a good range of window treatments that are significantly designed and made of kind of fabric that is entirely very good in keeping the house warmer.

Window treatments that are professionally installed are surely a good investment in areas where is mostly cold. There are window treatments that are budget-friendly and can be good insulators too, some of the highly customized options are often costly.

Opt for using a custom window treatment as it is made exactly to your window size and to keep your home warm then there you should be a window treatment that fits tightly against your window size.

Some of the best window treatments for winters are:

Cellular Shades

Plantation Shutters

Multi-layered Window Treatments

Solar Blinds

Roman Shades

Opt for Using Heavy Rugs

Use them in an area where you mostly spend your time places like living rooms and bedrooms and no matter where you like so you don’t have to wear something every time on your toes.

They are a must if your home has tiles as your flooring. Because tiles are most often cool and emit it so by having a heavy rug on it surely going to reduce coldness in the temperature.

Increase your Sources of Insulation

Increase them as much as you can. Because they are a wise strategy to keep the inside warmer. Try to figure every opportunity to make it go your way. It can be anything from specially coated paints to some exterior coatings.

Also, cover up your kitchen hood after every time you used it.

Move your furniture away from radiators.

Wear proper clothes even inside of your house.

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