How To Do Makeup On Different Eye Shapes?

We all know eyes are a noticeable part of the human body, and we need to pay close attention to shades, contours and makeup. Here in this blog, we will share the makeup techniques we need to do on different eye shapes. If you want to refresh your look, eye makeup will bring out your striking appearance. Have a look at these makeup techniques.


You are not required to make a visible crease and no orbital bone. You can do makeup over it with lids for days. All you need to do is prep up your lid with a long wear primer, which will help your makeup stay for a long time. Apply eyeliner before eyeshadow base. Use softly smudged liner around the eyes for a striking effect. Keep your line close to the base of the lashes with a thick wing at the outer corners to lift the cat-eye appearance. No worries if your line gets a little sloppy, and you will be layering shadow on top of it. Smokey eyes are perfect for Monolids, so blend away and create more definition with fake eyelashes. Apply eyeliner in your waterline where you can easily make your eyes appear smaller.

Hooded Lids

If you have hooded eyes, an extra layer of makeup over the skin will hide. Highlight the lids with a shimmery shade to create even more depth and extend a dark matte eyeshadow over the eyelid crease. Contour your eye with shimmery eyeshadow on the base of your brow bone and blend it up over the eyebrow. Define the upper lash line with the eyeliner pen option when applying eyeliner. Keep the liner close to the lash line and create a thick winged cat eyeliner effect. Fiber mascaras are great because they have less tendency to smudge and are easily removed at the end of the day. 

Close Set Eyes

Give your eyes an illusion, and you are required to make your eyes balance with makeup for close set eyes. The area closer to the nose is heavier, and we need to concentrate on light colors on the inner corner and darker colors on the outside. Diffuse the colors from light to deep by going from inside to outside. Use shimmery highlights in inner corners to create visual distance from the nose. Apply liner over two-thirds of your eye. Don’t take under eyeliner to the inner corner for adding extra weight. You are not required to use all the smoky liners from the lower waterline. Don’t go for the tight-lining the lower lid with dark liner and paired up with long spidery lashes. Apply extra mascara or apply additional lashes to the outer corner of the eyes. 

Wide Set Eyes

People who have wide-set eyes can do makeup easily over these eyes. To do makeup on these eyes to make the nose look more angular and exciting. To make these eyes more presentable, reduce the space between the eyes in the inner corners. Contour Nose Bridge will add definition to wide space between eyes. Avoid shimmery eyeshadow in the tear duct. When it comes to eyeliner, sweeping the cat eye will stretch the eye shape to look wider. You can also Choose an Eyelash Perm Kit if you have wide-set eyes!

Deep Set eyes

To make the deep-set eyes gorgeous, keep the light color on the lid and warm color under the brow bone for creating a multi-dimensional look. Divide your eyelid into third parts and the inside for the light color. The middle is for blending them, and the dark area is outside the area. Go for kohl or gel eyeliner and finish the look with mascara on top lashes.

Protruding Eyes

People with big and round eyes are known as protruding eyes, and eye sockets characterize these eyes. Make sure you look best with minimal makeup and don’t require much to refresh your appearance. Choose the matter colors over shimmers and dust the whole lid with a nude shadow. Use a liquid liner and draw a thin line over the lashes and feel free to use eyeliner on the bottom line and waterline to balance out the eye makeup. If you want to make your eyes strong, drag the flesh tone pencil across the water and make it appear brighter.

Final Thoughts

These are the makeup tricks on different eye shapes. Indeed, you will make your eyes more attractive and gorgeous for any event. If you haven’t tried these tricks yet, don’t waste time and follow these tips to save your time.

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