How Knowing and Following the 12 Steps of AA Can Help You Stay Sober


If you have successfully kicked off alcohol addiction, you will probably know why the 12 steps of AA are invaluable. An AA program can only be successful when its members stop feeling the urge to drink and can continue to stay sober for months. So, if you have decided to seek help from alcohol addiction, you should start searching online for an “AA meeting near me”.

Alcoholics Anonymous is committed to helping people suffering from alcohol use disorder to become sober. In doing so, it has come out with certain constructive steps to make this journey easier and more effective. For instance, AA members are encouraged to use the sobriety calculator to help them stay committed to their cause. This not only tracks how many days you have abstained from alcohol use but also rewards you with tokens and chips on achieving significant milestones.

How can the 12 steps of AA help you achieve sobriety:

  • To begin with, you need to first admit to yourself that you need help tackling your alcohol abuse problem. Else, you are convinced that it will start affecting your life.
  • You believe that there is a greater power that can help you stay sane.
  • You are willing to dedicate yourself to God’s care.
  • You have admitted to yourself, God, and others that you are wrong.
  • You are not afraid to introspect about mistakes you have made.
  • You are willing to let God correct these character flaws.
  • You request him humbly to remove your shortcomings.
  • Prepare a list of people you may have affected and show a willingness to make amends for these.
  • Ensure that you make amends to such individuals directly as far as possible unless doing so would endanger them more.
  • Keep taking a moral inventory of yourself and be ready to accept your mistakes every time.
  • Turn to prayers and meditation for strengthening contact with the almighty, asking him for strength to overcome your shortcomings.
  • Experience a spiritual awakening and convey your experience to others who are battling alcohol addiction.

If you are new to AA meetings, you need not start following all these aforementioned steps from the very beginning. Until you have the ability or willingness to conform to the 12 traditions of AA, you can wait. You will be asked to observe with an open mind and attend meetings to listen to stories of personal struggles and achievements. You will also be encouraged to read literature that describes the AA program clearly. You can also visit dailytimepro.

The idea behind following the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous is to stay on track to the end goal of achieving sobriety. Kicking off alcoholism is not easy and addicts tend to go through relapses many times before they can recover completely. So, attending AA meetings is recommended for recovering alcoholics after they have sought treatment. The 12 steps created by the AA are nothing but a spiritual foundation that will facilitate personal recovery from addiction, both for the addict and his loved ones. For more information on where to find an AA meeting near you, log onto


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