How Compounding Pharmacies Can Benefit You?

The large pharmaceutical companies follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach to produce medications for the masses.  There is nothing wrong with these medications but sometimes this cookie-cutter approach fails to meet the needs of some patients with allergies or special needs. When a commercially available drug is unsafe or inefficient for consumption, the best option is to seek the services of a compounding pharmacy. If you need customized medications for you, a family member, or your pet, a compounding pharmacy may help you get access to the needed drugs. A licensed pharmacist can formulate customized medications to meet the specific needs of a patient. Professional pharmacists are licensed by state boards and create medications according to the prescriptions written by medical doctors. The purpose of compounding is to best meet the unique health requirements of individual patients. Compounding pharmacies are specialized facilities that offer both: non-sterile medication such as pills, lotions, and ointments, as well as sterile medication like injections.

Benefits of Compounding Pharmacies

If you think customizing medications is a new concept, you’re mistaken. Until the 1950s, compounding pharmacies were quite popular and most prescriptions were compounded. However, large pharmaceutical companies soon emerged as the major player in mass-producing medications. However, compounding pharmacies still exist and in fact, have become popular again among patients who have special medical and medication needs. Compounding is used when a pre-formulated product is ineffective or unsafe. There has been a resurgence in compounding pharmacy because of the benefits it offers. If you’re new to the concept of compounding, check out some amazing benefits of using compounding pharmacies.

  1. Get Access to Discontinued Medications

It is easier to buy drugs from the nearest store. But what if the medication you need is in short supply or discontinued by the manufacturer. Large pharmaceutical manufacturers often decide to stop the production of certain drugs that are low in demand. However, this doesn’t mean no individual needs that medication. In this case, a compounding pharmacist can recreate the formula to help you get access to discontinued medication.

  1. Safe & Effective Medication

Compounding focuses on the specific needs of a patient. Some patients have allergies or intolerance to ingredients present in commercial medications such as dyes, lactose, gluten, or alcohol. The presence of these ingredients could make medicine unsafe or less effective. So, to avoid any side-effect, a compounding pharmacist can remove, add, or alter ingredients.  The services of a reliable compounding pharmacy help you get safer and more effective medication.

  1. Alternative Dosage Forms

Compounding makes medications safe and easier to use. Sometimes, a patient may have a hard time consuming a drug that has an unpleasant pleasant flavor. There is also a chance that a patient has difficulty swallowing a pill. In these cases, compounding helps patients get medications in an easy-to-consume pleasantly flavored liquid form. From enhancing the flavor of the medicine to altering the form, compounding provides several benefits. You can also get medications altered in a topical form — cream or a gel. Moreover, depending on your specific needs, the pharmacist can change the dosage.

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