Guide To Buy A Vintage Leather Jacket For Yourself

We all know that leather jackets are the iconic piece for both men and women and there are several kinds of leather jackets that we can see in the market with a wide range of selections from them.

Styles of leather jackets are in a huge variety and you can choose any style that you want to wear like a terminator style leather jacket, bomber leather jackets, blazer jacket and many more designs are there.

But one of the most interested and preferred styles that don’t go out of order is the style that is most popular in history and worn by numerous men in the past which is known as the vintage leather jacket. The most famous vintage leather jacket is the MA-1 from the world war which is worn by several air force pilots in the war.

So, if you are trying to buy a vintage leather jacket for yourself then there is a guide for you that leads you towards the best of the best vintage leather jacket.

Always Go For The Light Colour:

These leather jackets are available in tons of colours. But when you want a vintage jacket then we suggest you go for a lighter shade of colour because the lighter colour provides a more timeless appearance than the brighter one.

When a leather jacket goes through an age it becomes fades and its shade become lighter this process is known as patina and that leather jacket is sometimes called a patina leather jacket which usually refers to the overall appearance of a leather jacket. Light brown, light green, beige, tan, and many more light shades are the best choice for buying a new vintage leather jacket.

Never Choose A Faux Leather Jacket:

If you want to buy a classy leather jacket then always go for the real leather never choose faux leather over the real one because you may save some money by buying a faux leather jacket but it does not provide you with the features and qualities of a real leather jacket.

Faux means fake leather or we say synthetic leather which looked like real leather neither it is made from the hides of animals like cows, sheep, deer and many other nor does it go through the tanning process by which real leather pass through.

Faux leather is a synthetic material made by humans it has many disadvantages like artificial texture yet smoother, giving odour like a chemical substance, creating noise of crunches when pressed, and many other disadvantages over a real vintage leather jacket.

Never Buy A Second-Hand Jacket:

Before buying a second-hand vintage leather jacket for yourself always make sure that you should buy a new one. A leather jacket is in the second-hand form if it was owned by someone else before you buy it.

Many people purchase a second-hand leather jacket which is rarely worn by someone else but you never have to do this before you don’t know which kind of jacket you will get after purchasing it second hand because you can get a high-quality jacket at a low price or you could get a worse quality jacket at a high price then it leads you to waste all your money on a piece of crap.

Choose A Timeless Style:

Leather jacket’s style may fade or wipe out with time most of the styles stay around us for decades but some of them faded away because people stop wearing them or they don’t like them more or any new trend is launched. This is a rising problem with new leather jacket designs. So, it is a great practice to always choose a timeless style that will be with you for more than decades.

Get Accurate Size:

A well-known common mistake that is done by several people who buy a new leather jacket for themselves is getting the wrong size. Few of them choose a very larger size few of them choose the too small size in both conditions you look ugly while wearing that jacket. It leads them to feel irritating and uncomfortable wearing those sizes.

To get a perfect size it is a great practice to order a customized jacket from the tailor around you that will fit according to the measurement you give to the manufacturer and then you get the original comfort from the vintage leather jacket.

Choose Lining According To The Season:

Choosing the lining according to the season is very important because it always depends upon the season when you wear a leather jacket. After all, all leather jackets are not worn in one season.

Lining in the jacket is ideal for the winters because it provides you warmth and insulation which keeps your body warm enough all the time. If your jacket has proper insulation then you can wear it in the winter otherwise you can wear them in summer for a short period during the day.

Choose Proper Type of Leather:

Whenever you want to buy a new vintage leather jacket always select or choose the right type of leather because all the leather is not the same some of them are obtained from cowhides, some are from sheepskin, some are made up of goatskin and also check the grains on the leather surface some leather has top grain, some have full-grain and some have split grains on them. Due to all these factors, you can’t avoid a classy vintage leather jacket that is made from the finest leather of all time.


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