Graphical tools for non-graphics

Only some people consider graphics their reason for living. Only some people like to deal with colors, and knowing how to use photoshop is yet to be considered mandatory in the training course. In other words, only some people are ace at graphics.

Some people consider graphics less essential and have to produce articles, for example, focus above all on the text. In this article, we present some tools that could prove particularly useful to copywriters and bloggers who have no intention of specializing in graphics, tools to create beautiful illustrations at low cost, or even for free.



FotoJet‘s drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily customize their projects by adding text, images, clipart, and backgrounds. It also offers a range of design elements such as frames, text, shapes, filters, and effects to create unique and professional-looking designs.


Canva is a fantastic tool; a series of handy graphic tools are accessible on a single site. You can create icons, infographics, charts, prints, business cards, postcards, and flyers. Even in the free version, the tools available are considerable. For example, you can access a database with thousands of images that can be used for free. The strong point of the site is still the tools. In particular, the tools for creating images to be shared on Social Media are recommended.



Picmomkey offers a free trial period; it is a particularly suitable tool for creating graphic elements and videos to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, but it is possible to create logos and advertising images quickly.



99designs is a fantastic site that allows you to find a designer in no time to have a professional job. The services offered are cataloged, and there are thousands of professionals available. is a great tool, perfect for anyone who wants to create an infographic. With the free account, you can do excellent things. There are different paid versions with prices starting from 2 dollars a month (students) and reaching 5 dollars a month for companies and professionals.



24Slides is a service managed by a team of professionals specialized in creating slides for PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, and other similar services. Prices start at $12 per slide, and the service is useful for anyone who needs a perfect presentation or business plan.


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