General Tips for choosing hand held shower heads

Whenever you desired to install or configure shower heads in your homes, you must first choose an appropriate shower heads. This will vary depending on the individual and the situation. If you are installing the portable showering in your own house, it should be put in whichever position and height best suits your unique needs.

We’ve offered some general pointers below to help you decide where and how high to configure your handheld diffuser.

  1. Small Shower Stall:

It is normally better to mount the portable hose nozzle holder on the outside through the shower seat. Most individuals can easily access a showerhead set on the wall facing the bench in this size shower cubicle. When the portable sprayer is in the holder and the water is turned on, it will flow more naturally downwards over you or further towards shower wall beyond you.

  1. Shower resides inside the bath-tub:

It is normally better to mount the shower nozzle holder on the wall beside next to your seat. Choose a holder that allows you to change the direction of the showerhead. Stand on the shower seat to establish the optimal showerhead attachment height for you. Secondly, measured from the tub’s floor to the top of your head and add 5-10 inches. Then, estimate 12 inches ahead from this spot. Finally, raise your hand up to that spot on the wall to see whether you can possibly achieve it.

  1. Large Shower Stall:

When your showering stall is big, it is typically better to mount the sprayer bracket on the wall adjacent to your seat. Stand on your shower seat to establish the optimal showerhead holder position for you. Then, take a measurement from the shower surround to the top of the hair and add 5-10 inches.

Then extend your arm as far up the wall as you can. The portable sprayer holder should go between these two places. A holder positioned at this level should cause the liquid from the portable showers to run towards you as you wash your hair or shave, eliminating you from having to hold the handheld showerhead the entire time.

  1. Designing new Shower Stall:

The appropriate height should enable the water to pour over you as you wash yourself and make the users access the sprayer when you wish to remove it from the holder.

Conversely, if you have a tiny shower stall (36′′x36′′) and intend to position the holder on the wall opposite the showering seat, situate the chair facing the wall. Forward 36′′ from the wall, place the back of the chair legs. Sit in the chair, then extend forward and as far up the wall as you can. This is the approximately height at which you should put your shower nozzle adjuster.

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By following the above general tips that are mentioned in this blog post, you can choose an effective and appropriate hand held shower heads for your homes. This article gathers information about installation and configuring your portable or handheld shower heads in your homes.

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