Fundamentals of Effective Teaching


Every teacher wants to teach effectively, so much so that students chant his or her name like a mantra but is it so easy? I don’t think so. Teaching is a noble profession and it requires more than people think. People usually think that it is so easy to be a teacher but the truth is vice versa, it takes a lot of skills. Skills needed for effective teaching take far more effort than usually just teaching and having expertise in any particular subject. A teacher is known as a mentor and a mentor must have knowledge of overall fields to guide anyone or a learner so that he or she may attain the correct path of success and peace. Being a teacher, one should have strong communication knowledge and strong convincing ability also so that learners and people around them should believe in them. It is a very tough job to earn the trust and faith of others in your thoughts and way of looking towards things. Teachers have to mould themselves into some unpredictable and unimaginable situations in order to help the students and give them solutions to the problems they are facing. Students have a lot of expectations with teachers, hence, come what may teachers have to be prepared, have complete knowledge and should be ready for presentation on any topic all the time. A teacher is always taken as a role model to the students, kids can learn from parents also but learning from teacher is something fixed, hence there is no chance for a teacher to commit any mistakes while delivering lessons. So, what makes the teaching effective and inspirational for students? Let’s understand:

  • A teacher can make his teaching effective by keeping a positive attitude, not only for himself/herself but for the students also. He/she should be a role model of optimism. A teacher’s teaching can be called effective only if the teacher induces motivation among students to learn. An effective teacher should be able to create zeal in any student’s mind. Many times when stubborn behaviour or students make a teacher lose his patience, optimism is needed so that teacher can perform his/her duty properly.
  • A teacher should be aware of his teaching material and course he has to take care of. If a teacher has to give assignments and research work then it is necessary that teacher should also perform the research work of his/her side so that he must be prepared for any query from any student on any part of the course material that doesn’t matter in live classes or in offline classes. 
  • Although teachers also can opt for any best app for online teaching but still while teaching via any best app for online teaching like a classroom app, teachers need to be well organised. Teacher should be well prepared for his/her lectures, like preparation of what a teacher is going to teach the next day should be done properly and in a detailed manner. All the teaching materials regarding the lesson or topic he/she is going to teach like research paper, materials for experimentation, books to illustrate the lesson of literature etc. must be prepared one day prior to lecture. Make students understand that what they are learning in theory is connected to reality and practical.
  • Effective teaching is also connected with clarity. Clarity of concept is very necessary for every student. When a teacher teaches, he/she should keep this in mind that the weakest student should also shout “understood sir/ma’am”, when the lesson or topic gets completed by the lecturer. While teaching the language, concepts should be kept in the simplest language so that every student can understand it at once.
  • Doesn’t matter whether it is live classes in online learning or offline classes, the teacher should not seem like an idol because a teacher is that transformer which flows that shock wave in students that leaving all laziness, students become eager to learn more and more. Hence, teachers should be enthusiastic and active in class so that students should show energy while learning.
  • Teacher needs to have two more qualities for an effective teaching and those are- he should be patient enough to bear stubborn nature of students and also mischievous nature of students & second quality is that he/she should be unbiased while teaching, doesn’t matter how much a student is good in learning and how much mischievous next student may be.

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