Four Foolproof Benefits of Drain Cleaning

There is a glaring blind hole in the home maintenance routines of many homeowners, and that blind spot is their drain pipes. The vast majority of people don’t even give regular drain cleaning a second thought until something bad happens to their plumbing, such as a clogged drain or the release of pungent, nauseating odors inside the house. 

However, if you perform some preventative maintenance on your drains, you won’t have to put up with the hassle of dealing with issues of this nature. 

Here are some advantages to having your drains cleaned regularly.

1. More Efficient Drainage

When you clean up your drains, you’ll find that water flows through them more quickly than it did before. This is typically the benefit that people notice first after the help of a plumber. The water will not stand in the drain but instead will slowly gurgle its way down the pipe. 

If the drain in the kitchen and any other water fixtures are kept clean with the help of a plumber, there is a lower risk of them becoming clogged or developing standing water. This is even more crucial when it comes to the drains in the toilet, since keeping these pipes clear will assist prevent backflow.

2. Extend the Drain Life

The corrosion of your drain pipes may be caused by the accumulation of chemical deposits along the interior of the pipes. By having your pipes professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you may avoid the formation of leaks like these in the first place. 

Because of this, the life of your current pipe will be extended, and you will not have to undergo the time-consuming and financially burdensome process of gutting your home in order to replace all of your current drain pipes.

3. Elimination of Unpleasant Smells

Without drain cleaning, mold and bacteria can begin to build up, which can result in unpleasant scents being produced in your home. While you might identify the presence of unpleasant smells with your toilet, this can actually happen with any drain. 

Keep in mind that mold spores thrive in environments that are dark and damp, and the interior of the drains in your home have both darkness and dampness in abundance. It is not safe to rely just on the constant flow of water to remove these spores because it is possible that it will not be sufficient. 

4. Protect Your House

The damage that may be caused by water coming out of a pipe that contains pure water is terrible enough, but the damage that can be caused by a leak in a drain that is full of wastewater can be far more catastrophic, as this water already contains toxic chemicals and bacteria. 

This filthy water has the potential to discolor any flooring or walls with which it comes into contact, and the associated costs of repairing or replacing these floors can be quite high. One of the many advantages of maintaining clean drains and a clean sewer is reducing the likelihood that damage of this kind would occur.

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