Reviews: Is it A Legal Website?

Isn’t it normal nowadays to just open YouTube while you eat? Or just search for your favorite movie on the internet to watch on the weekends. Theatre entertainment has scaled down pretty much to the size of our mobile phones.

With easy access to technology & the internet, many people have launched their online businesses to provide seamless entertainment to people. One such website is filmyzilla .com.

Filmyzilla is just another website that provides its users with an ocean of movies, live shows, web series, & much more within a click. The content here is available to you without requiring you to pay a dime. However, these websites are pirated websites & do not operate legally.

Later in this article, we will read more about filmyzilla .com & how it causes a menace in today’s world affecting the lives of many people including us.

What is filmyzilla .com

What is filmyzilla .com


filmyzilla .com also known as filmyzilla com Bollywood is a pirated website that allows its users to access movies, TV shows, web series, short films, & much more for free.

Movies of industries such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood, etc. can be seen here. Additionally, you have the option to download English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, & Malayalam language content.

There are a million users which visit filmyzilla .com every day. The website has a very simple user interface that is easily operable by anyone who uses it.

It has an option of auto-play that automatically plays the next video of the series you are currently watching. Video format & size of the content available on filmyzilla ranges from DVDScr, BlueRay, HDRip, DVDRip, 720p, 1080p.

Filmyzilla .com currently has over 5000 movies in various languages which the users can access freely without any subscription or hidden charges. The latest movies on the website are available literally on the day of their premiere. The question is how do they do it? Let’s find out later in this article.

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How does filmyzilla .com Work?

Pirated content has increased in popularity throughout as the life of an individual gets difficult hence he cannot free up time for entertainment. Those days are long gone when families used to sit in front of the television set waiting for a movie or a favorite TV show.

Secondly, due to Covid-19, theaters were also closed for an extended period which gave the prime option for these pirated websites to make their name.

Many websites similar to filmyzilla .com have been popular since then. The content uploaded on these websites is not legal as they are uploaded by using illegal means.

The movies are shot in the cinema hall through a recorder, also get leaked from production houses. Through technology, the quality of the picture is rendered into High Definition (HD) & then uploaded on the website.

Is filmyzilla .com Legal & Safe to Use?

According to Forbes Magazine, the action movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone was leaked to “pirates” three weeks before its official release, leading to 70 million illegal viewings and costing $100 million in lost revenues.

Piracy costs production houses & everyone connected to the entertainment industry heavily. Due to these websites, a substantial amount of losses are incurred hence there are a lot of complaints made by production houses. They appeal to the government to take strict actions against these piracy websites & ban them.

Productions houses spend millions of dollars to create top-notch quality content & they are the rightful copyright owners of the content. To allow any kind of distribution of the movies, websites & platforms need to take authorization from production houses.

We are also affected by websites like filmyzilla .com as 75% of the cyberspace traffic is due to video streaming which slows our internet connections & lowers bandwidth.

People who watch pirated content are under strict government obligations & are at risk of getting arrested for 3 years as stated by the Indian court.

Different Domains of Filmyzilla

The government regularly bans pirated websites to protect the rights of production houses. But these websites are extremely notorious & keep on launching new domains whenever one gets blocked. Few domains of filmyzilla .com are given below.

  • filmyzilla com
  • filmyzilla co

Legal Options To

It is never recommended to watch content from pirated websites. There are numerous other legal options available from which you can watch your favorite content. Such examples include Netflix, Amazon Prime, MX Player, etc.

Final Verdict

The Magazine Times will never recommend our users to watch movies from pirated websites as we genuinely understand the hard work that production houses put into their movies.

Millions of dollars are spent to give us the best quality content. It is best if we appreciate their effort by watching movies in theaters or by legal options stated above.

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