Facebook – an ultimate guide about privacy!

Nowadays, Facebook has the biggest platform with almost 2 billion users. Most of the people are sharing their data on Facebook such as credit/debit card details, private pictures, and videos, etc.  It is scientifically proved that third-party applications are accessing your precious data on Facebook without knowing you. Following steps will assist you in addressing the problem. 

  • One must investigate the applications that are accessing our precious data. After that, one should block the unknown developers from Facebook.
  • You should remove the unknown application from the privacy section.
  • Make sure that you are using the trusted application on Facebook.

If you want to save precious data on Facebook, then you secure your account. You should add a lot of things such as Number, E-mail id and other things on Facebook. Here are some vital things that you need to change in your Facebook account.

  • Remove the unknown application from Facebook

If you have already installed the unknown application on Facebook, then you should remove it. Most of the developers are accessing your precious data on Facebook.  One must remove third-party apps from Facebook.

  • Basics of the privacy

Well, privacy is one of the best sections where you will able to change everything. It has divided into five sections.  With the help of privacy setting, one will able to change the following things-

  • You will able to add more security to your account.  With the help of two-Factor authentication system, one will able to prevent the data from hackers.
  • One will able to off the unknown Facebook ads. 

You should read the privacy policies carefully, and after that, you must understand Facebook privacy policies.

  • Privacy check-ups

Now, one should consider the privacy checkup of your official profile that includes application, profile and other data.  You must set the profile information to the only me section and then tap on the Finish option.  After that, you must pay enough attention to the activity log section. With the help of section, you will able to show your personal pictures to the only Friends only.  However, if you are making any music videos, then you should set your profile to public.

  • Grab the information of applications

Most of the apps are accessing your Facebook account without knowing you.  You should find that, what kind of information they are accessing from your account. Therefore, one must tap on the setting option and then click on the application option. After that, you must remove all application that is harmful to your Facebook profile.

  • Add trusted People On Facebook

If you didn’t want to compromise your precious data with someone else, then you must add trusted friends on Facebook.  It is a new feature on Facebook that will allow you to deal with such a complicated situation. If you have trusted friends in your ID, then you can save your precious data.  

  • Keep your gadget secure

Nowadays, most of the hackers are targeting the computer and Laptops.  If you want to prevent your Facebook account from a hacker, then you should keep your system up-to-date. One must install the antivirus in the account that will secure your data.

  • Make the use of the Two-Factor program

You must check the security of your account twice in the day.  With the help of Two Factor authentication program, one will able to secure your account.  It is the best option ever that will able to identify the risk in the account. You have to know how to turn off comments on Facebook post for your personal space However, FB Post Likes is a high-end website that is providing likes and comments on Facebook.

  • Remove spam applications

If you are a beginner, then you should remove the spam applications on Facebook.  Don’t install the unknown application in the Facebook account.  Before installing any application, one should read the reviews and ratings carefully.

  • Always create s strong password

One should create the strong password that will able to prevent your account from the hackers.  Don’t share your precious Facebook account password with someone else. It is good to add some letters and numbers in the password.

  • Confirm with Mobile number

If you want to secure your Facebook account, then you must link your personal mobile number with it. After that, one will able to recover the password from the number. You will able to grab every detail through the mobile number.  You must enable the notification on the mobile.  Lots of platforms are out there where you can quickly buy Facebook Video Views that can improve overall views on Facebook videos.

So what’s the final verdict?

In a nutshell, if you don’t want to lose your precious details on Facebook, then you should follow above-mentioned vital steps. With the help of such steps, one will able to add security to the account.

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