Everything you need to know about Some of the best SEO tools for free

Understanding the need for good tools while you are working as a website owner, website designer or content creator is very important. In such a field of work without the use of top search engine optimization tools, you cannot succeed at a bigger level.

But we all are aware of the fact that the whole internet is full of various kinds of overpriced SEO tools. Therefore, the majority of users who are serious about finding benefits from such beneficial tools face a lot of difficulties. 

Hence, today we will discuss more of the best search engine optimization tools that are free of cost. So, keep reading the mentioned details to get maximum results with Api for SEO.

Top 8 free SEO tools 

As mentioned earlier, there are countless search engine optimization tools everywhere. Whereas, the main goal is to choose the best ones out of the many.

Many people wonder what the best SEO tool must-have. According to our observations, an ideal SEO tool should consist of the following points.

  • Should be used and renowned by the majority of the search engine optimization community.
  • True search and instant results in no time.
  • Should be free of cost.

With that being said, some of the 8 most popular, top-rated, and free SEO tools for the users are described in detail below.

Bing webmaster tools

The first and foremost tool that is among the 8 best free-of-cost SEO tools is the Bing Webster tool. It is known for offering a whole package of website building and the requirements needed for the analysis of searches. The most important ones are reports for keywords, searches for keywords, and the incoming data.


  • Offer a wide range of clarity.
  • Very easy and minimal to use.
  • Offers a higher chance of visibility for your website.


Data studio

Data Studio is an ideal choice for those users who want to collect data and information of all sorts from various sources. You can opt for this tool for learning a rough idea about search engine optimization without paying any fees.


  • Excellent integration system.
  • Allows sharing of information.
  • Safe transfer of data via the cloud.

Enhanced Google analytics annotations

Running a website without knowing how much traffic you attract is certainly of no use. But with the right tools like enhanced Google analytics annotations, you can get a report of your website’s monthly or weekly traffic. 


  • Allows the additional notes.
  • Better visibility.
  • Easy user interface.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is the most used SEO tool all around the world. The reasons for its huge fame can be that it is free of cost, and is an excellent tool for ranking a website at a higher level. Other similar alternatives to Google analytics are clicky or Open web analytics.


  • Simple persuasive goals.
  • Better website parameters.
  • A strong platform for the majority of users to get exposure.

Search console

Search console is also the most useful and cost-free SEO tool and has made it to the list of best SEO tools used globally. This is the best place where users can trust their work and information. Offers a wide range of additional tools with a user-friendly website operating interface.


  • Offers your website better and strong support.
  • Enhances the HTML conditions.
  • Useful for finding out the internal or external links.

Keyword hero

As the name refers, this tool is an excellent tool to offer a solution for the problems that arise due to a missed keyword. It might not be the perfect solution but it is not a bad one either. The price of the keyword hero is free for the sessions that are more than or up to 2000.


  • Helps in targeting main keywords.
  • Finds missed keywords in no time.
  • Suggests better keywords related to content.


This tool is another best SEO tool and is suggested by many search engine optimization experts. It is a good tool for generating the analysis of the content. It is done by the other features that are offered by the SEOlyzer tool. The main features that are the reasons for the addition to its fame are real-time data analysis and the categorization of pages.


  • Helps in better website content.
  • Helps in deciding what customers are attracted to.
  • Better data crawling.


Lastly, Xenu is the only SEO tool that has been on the list of free-of-cost SEO tools for a quite long time. This is a crawler that is based on Windows. It has not changed even after a good 19 years. That is why still, the majority of users tend to use Xenu as their favorite SEO tool. It offers mainstream website auditing and looks out for broken internal links.


  • Checks and fixes broken hyperlinks.
  • Quick results.
  • Easy for beginners and professionals as well.


SEO tools can be a way to earn more exposure, money, and respect in any work you do. Hence, to get more basic information on the best and free-of-cost SEO tools make sure to give a thorough read on the mentioned details.

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