Encanto – A Disney Movie Trivia Quiz

The movie Encanto is a great movie for anyone looking for a good romantic comedy that is set in Colombia. It is filled with musical numbers and a lot of different characters that can keep the movie interesting. There are also lots of different trivia questions that can be answered in this movie so that you can learn a few things about the movie.

Set in Colombia

Disney’s latest animated movie, Mirabel encanto, is set in Colombia. It tells the story of a magical family. Each member has a unique gift. One of them, Mirabel, is the black sheep of the family. But she sets out to save the family’s magic.

The story is a fictionalized tale, but Encanto does not stray too far from reality. For example, in the film, the characters wear traditional Colombian clothing. And some of the scenes are live-action.

The landscape is also based on a real region. It is a combination of the Choco rainforest, the Central Andes and Cocora Valley. The Choco rainforest is one of the world’s wettest lowland regions. It is home to humpback whales, jaguars and tapirs.

Other elements of the Colombian culture include traditional folk instruments, such as the marimba de chonta (percussion instrument made of cactus). This was the source of inspiration for the music score. There are 68 indigenous languages in Colombia.

Musical numbers

The Encanto musical numbers feature an array of musical genres including Latino reggaeton, salsa, and hip-hop. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the director and composer of the movie, wrote eight original songs for the film. He says that he was inspired by the songs of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and the Colombian music that he had heard on his recent trip to the country.

The Encanto soundtrack was released on December 17 by Walt Disney Records. It spent three weeks at the top of the Billboard albums chart. After the first week, the album entered the Top 10. In the second week, it displaced Adele’s “30” from the top spot.

Encanto is about a magic-infused story about the Madrigals, a family that lives in a hidden town. They have special powers that come from an enchanted candle. But when the magic starts to fade, the family needs to find a way to save the candle.


The Disney movie Encanto is a fun family movie starring a plethora of characters with unique gifts and traits. If you’re looking for a family activity, you should try to put together a fun Encanto trivia quiz. Not only is it a blast for the kids, but you can also use the questions to clue in family members and friends about a pending visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland. This is especially useful if you’re planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom for the first time and want to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

There are several Encanto trivia quiz games that are fun and easy to play, but the shortest and arguably the most enjoyable is the one in which a group of guests write down their answers. As long as everyone keeps up, the activity can be as much fun as the actual movie itself. With its catchy songs, zany characters and dazzling animation, you’ll want to add Encanto to your family movie night.


Encanto is a Disney film. It follows a family of people who are gifted with magic. They are called Madrigals. This family serves a small rural town in Colombia. In the movie, they are threatened by a mysterious uncle. There are also several other characters.

The main character in Encanto is Isabela. She is the eldest daughter of Agustin and Julieta. As a member of the Madrigal family, she is expected to be perfect. However, she struggles with her emotions.

The other members of the Madrigal family include Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. Each has their own magical powers. However, they all share a love of family. Despite their powers, they have to work hard to protect their family from their Uncle Bruno.

Luisa is the second daughter of Agustin and Julieta. She has a strong physical strength, and is capable of taking care of the family’s many chores. Despite her powers, she is not shy to help others.

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