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Echopark Automotive is a new used-car dealership model, built on a hub-and-spoke model. Launched in 2014, Echopark has locations that sell from an on-site inventory of used cars, as well as “delivery centers” that deliver cars from online stock.

The company’s recent opening of a new Delivery Center in Columbus, Georgia, and a Retail Hub in Raleigh, North Carolina, expands its nationwide network to 20 states. Echopark is expected to reach 90% of the population and generate $14 billion in revenue by 2025.

About Echopark

EchoPark is a new brand from Sonic Automotive, based in Charlotte, N.C., that focuses on pre-owned vehicles. It offers a unique customer experience and inventory selection, unlike traditional dealerships. It also has a “hub-and-spoke” model and uses an employee-friendly salary-based compensation structure. The company is in the process of opening more EchoPark locations across the country, including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, and Texas.

The chain isn’t a direct competitor of CarMax, although there are some similarities. Both companies operate a network of stores, offer online sales, and provide a remote-delivery service for used cars. But EchoPark is different from the CarMax model in that it doesn’t require the customer to go through a traditional sales process, and it has a lot of technology in place.

There’s a service area that’s wide open, with glass walls so shoppers can see everything going on behind the scenes. There’s also a spot where kids can push a button to talk with the service technician and ask questions, and a whole slew of other features that are aimed at ensuring a positive car-buying experience.

In this paragraph, we discuss Echopark Automotive Reviews.The brand, which has 21 stores as of March 31, has been a big success for the auto retailer and is expected to continue expanding its reach across the nation. Officials say it has a growing distribution network that is expected to retail over half a million pre-owned vehicles annually by 2025. Earlier this year, the company said it would conduct a strategic review of its used-car business. While the company refused to comment on any potential outcomes, a possible spinoff of its EchoPark business could be in the works.


Located in Denver, Colorado, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas, Echopark Automotive boasts the largest selection of used vehicles in its class. This is thanks to a robust and award-winning retail strategy that has the company stocked with an impressive inventory of top-line pre-owned vehicles. Moreover, the company has made a habit of being the first to introduce new models of the latest generation vehicles from its triumvirate of manufacturers – Honda, Toyota, and Subaru. Besides the obvious perks of having access to these top-of-the-line vehicles, the best thing about being an Echopark customer is that it allows you to shop with confidence knowing that you’ll be getting the very best deal possible. With a plan to grow the number of locations by 50 percent by 2025, the company is well on its way to becoming one of the world’s leading retailers of pre-owned automobiles.


Echopark Automotive is a stand-alone, used-car retail store concept that has been designed to offer consumers a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Its model is based on consumer trends that are shifting online shopping to retail store buying desires in the auto category, while also incorporating traditional dealership features.

For example, in EchoPark’s service department, there are glass walls so that guests can see all of the work being done on their vehicles. The service department is also a great spot for kids to play, Dyke said. They can push a button to have the technician talk to them or ask questions.

The service department is staffed by trained, ASE-certified technicians who understand your needs. They can provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your car. They will answer your questions and explain the work that needs to be done.

In this paragraph, we discuss Echopark Automotive Reviews.Additionally, Echopark offers an extended service contract that can help you save money on repairs and maintenance. This plan is available for as low as $37 a month. It allows you to choose what services are covered and pay only for those that need to be performed. You can cancel your plan at any time.

Currently, Echopark has 20 locations in 16 states. Its goal is to expand to reach 90 percent of the U.S. population by 2025 and to generate $14 billion in revenues.

To achieve its expansion goals, Echopark is opening Delivery Centers in new markets to provide access to its extensive inventory at a local level, ensuring that guests have easy access to high-quality pre-owned vehicles across the country. Each Delivery Center includes an Experience Guide and Imagine Bar that can assist guests in finding the right car for them and a simple and transparent sales process.

Echopark’s growing network is expected to retail over half a million pre-owned vehicles annually by 2025. Its brand is recognized for its inventory selection, unbeatable pricing, and unique guest experience.

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