Easterns automotive Gathering Surveys – Is It Genuine Of Trick?

The Easterns Automotive Group is a family-owned Used Car Dealership that opened in 1988. They have been serving the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas for over 30 years.

The company has seven retail locations, a 120,000-square-foot corporate headquarters, and a centralized reconditioning facility. Through their efforts, they strive to give back to the communities that keep them in business.

A Wider Circle

A Wider Circle is a division of Easterns Automotive Group and is based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. It provides a variety of services geared toward helping individuals and families rise out of poverty. These include clothing, furniture, and career development assistance.

A wider circle also provides free meals to the community. This is a good thing because it can help lower healthcare costs.

The organization has a lot of young people on staff with great intentions and the best part is that it’s a fun place to work. However, it’s a little bit on the expensive side if you are looking for full-time employment.

In this paragraph, we discuss Easterns Automotive Group Reviews.Their main program is Neighbor-to-Neighbor, which provides household items to low-income families and individuals who are resettling from disasters or fleeing domestic violence. In addition, A Wider Circle offers several workforce development programs to assist clients in finding and keeping jobs.

Another notable program is its Wraparound Program, which enlists volunteers to provide long-term support for clients struggling with homelessness or poverty. It’s a great way to give back and get involved in your community.

A Wider Circle is a great place to work and it’s a company that stands out from the rest in its field. They have a very large and caring team of employees, volunteers, and board members that are all passionate about their work. They are always trying to come up with new ways to improve the lives of their clients. It is very exciting to see what they come up with and how it changes their clients’ lives. The organization is a real leader in its field and it is a pleasure to be a part of its growing team.

Camp Kesem

The team at Easterns Automotive Group loves to give back, and that’s why we were so excited to donate this year to Camp Kesem. This is an incredible organization that reaches kids all across the country and gives them a chance to be themselves again.

The organization is run by college students, and they spend all of their time fundraisings to keep the camps free for kids whose parents have cancer. This is a huge deal because cancer places a lot of stress on families, and they want to help get these kids the support they need without a financial barrier.

In this paragraph, we discuss Easterns Automotive Group Reviews.We wanted to make sure that this organization could continue to thrive, and it was a great choice for our first donation! We were able to donate $2,000, which will go towards helping to save this amazing organization from some of its fundraising costs.

I believe that Camp Kesem is a life-changing experience for the children who attend. The counselors are incredibly empathetic and they do care about each kid that goes camping. They also do a wonderful job of making sure the kids are safe and have a blast!

If you know a child who has been affected by a parent’s cancer, I highly recommend giving them a chance to attend Camp Kesem. They will be surrounded by other kids who understand what they are going through and they will have a blast!

The West Virginia University chapter of Camp Kesem is in its second year, and it already has rave reviews from parents who attended the camps last summer. One man said it was the best thing he ever did for his son during treatment, while another woman said the camp gave her daughter the tools she needed to cope during a rough time.

IIIB’s Foundation

The staff at Easterns Automotive Group knows the importance of giving back to our community and is proud to support the non-profits in Loudoun County who make a real impact on our lives. Whether it’s donating a few dollars, or helping out in a big way, we have a passion for helping others.

We’re always looking for new ways to help. It’s why we’re excited to announce a division of our company that will be dedicated to making a difference in our local communities: IIIB’s Foundation!

Founded in Virginia by an 18-year breast cancer survivor, Carolyn Cole-Rodenburg, IIIB’s Foundation is dedicated to providing comfort and support to women going through mastectomy surgery. Its Bosom Buddy Baskets contain a host of helpful recovery items to help these women get through their surgeries with ease and comfort.

In addition to providing care and comfort to women, IIIB’s Foundation also helps those in need of other important medical supplies such as wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and hospital gowns. We’re happy to be able to support this wonderful organization with a donation of $1500!

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