Divorce and Child Custody: Everything You Need to Know

In a child’s life, both parents have an active part to play. It guarantees that all of their needs are addressed and that their personalities are developed to their full potential. In some cases, though, a marriage will not work. It could be caused to a variety of circumstances, the most common of which being domestic, mental, and physical abuse.

If you and your partner have a child and have decided to divorce with Barrie Divorce Lawyer, child custody is the proper procedure to follow. It might be frustrating and exhausting, but it is critical to handle the legal process properly and calmly.

How to Reach a Custody Agreement?

Parents have two major ways to reach a custody agreement:

  • Through the judge’s court decision
  • Or through a mediator

Both approaches are correct. However, you should never negotiate with your ex-partner or sign a contract without first seeking legal counsel. Furthermore, the mediator’s and judge’s processes will differ, but the final result will be a documented legal agreement.

This arrangement is often referred to as a parenting agreement or a custody agreement for children. It is subsequently presented to the judge of the court for final approval, and this agreement becomes a legally enforceable contract that both parents must scrupulously adhere to.

Neglect and abuse.

In light of the legislation, these considerations are critical. And, because child custody is a legal issue, the family court can provide promising results that are best for the child, not for the parents’ personal happiness.

Can we Try Informal Negotiations?

Parents can undoubtedly choose informal negotiations provided they are both willing to stick to the arrangement they make for themselves. You can negotiate the conditions on your own first and then employ an attorney to finalize the terms and produce a legally binding contract later. Always make sure that informal discussions are formalized into a contract for future convenience and support.

Family Courts:

If you have a disagreement with your spouse and your divorce was caused by unfavorable circumstances, going to family court is the best option. The most significant advantage of family courts was that they always prioritize the child’s best interests.

The decision was made solely based on the jurisdiction’s rules. Before rendering a decision, the Barrie Family Lawyer court considers the following crucial factors:

  • The relationship between both parents and their children.
  • Individually, the parents’ living conditions.
  • What is the child’s preferred method of communication?
  • Parents’ willingness to support their children’s relationships with another parent.
  • The age of the child is also vital to consider, as very young children must reside with their moms


Divorce and child custody battles are also distressing for children. As a result, it’s best to keep your process simple and follow the court’s ruling.

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