Discover the Benefits of Having a Glass of Beer a Day

A lot of people love having a beer. And for good reason. A glass of beer not only fosters fun moments but also brings other benefits.

In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of having a glass of beer a day.

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1- Helps Improve Your Memory

Research says that beer also consists of an ingredient called Xanthorhamnin – which plays a big role in improving cognitive functions. It is a flavonoid that assists in slowing down the degradation of memory. This is the chemical that plays a big role in fostering good health of the brain cells.

Our brain cells are prone to oxidative damage, but in the presence of this chemical, the oxidation is halted. This way the cells deteriorate at a much lower rate. If this chemical is not present or is in less quantity, then the chances of dementia are high. When you have beer on a regular basis, a big cognitive benefit that comes is the boost of the xanthorhinica chemical.

2- Boost Cognitive Abilities

In our daily lives, we take a lot of decisions based on our cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that consistent consumption of beer has a beneficial effect on the cognitive abilities of the mind.  However, that does not mean you start to take high amounts of alcoholic products which actually has an inverse effect on cognitive abilities. With a moderate but consistent intake of alcohol, you can boost your cognitive abilities to the next level.

3- Longer Life

We all want to live long, but we do not pay attention to the things that actually help us achieve the goal of a long life. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that beer is supposed to be taken on a moderate basis. And when you have a glass of beer a day, doing so dramatically adds to living a long life.

Medical doctors suggest that beer is astonishingly good for your health and in the long run, you can see results like greater life expectancy. People that drink beer on a moderate basis have observed longer life expectancy, and another benefit is they do not have to feel drunk as they sparingly take a beer.

4- Beer is a Natural Thing

Another great thing about beer is that there is nothing artificial there. Beer is an all-natural drink. This drink is all natural just as apple juice is. In order to keep beer fresh or prolong its life, there is no need to add preservatives – as the constituents present in it are hops and alcohol. And the cool thing about both hops and alcohol is they both are preservatives. The only type of processing that beer goes through is similar to the one done to give bread its final form.

Burns Calories

Another big benefit of beer is it helps burn calories. Overall, the number of calories in beer as compared to other alcoholic products is much lower.

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