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The Poison Javazon makes use of the Plague Javelin skill to hurl poisonous projectiles at enemies, infecting and killing them in the process. Due to the fact that poison damage occurs over time, you’ll only need to connect one shot and then sit back and wait for your enemies to perish in a split second or two. This build will only be viable through the first difficulty (Normal) and up to approximately Lvl 40, so keep that in mind when using it. It is possible to complete the game on Nightmare difficulty if you so desire, but I would not recommend it because there are much better options available to you at that point in the game.

The respec that you receive after completing Den of Evil’s first mission is extremely valuable, so I strongly advise you to save it. If you do, you’ll be able to speak with Akara and have her respect your character, which will allow you to upgrade your character once you reach Nightmare difficulty. Diablo 2 resurrected items Resurrected builds have a stat distribution that focuses on allocating enough points into Strength to meet equipment requirements, enough Dexterity to reach maximum Block Chance, and then allocating everything else into Vitality to gain as much life as possible. And while this is true for the majority of Builds, D2R ladder items online can be difficult to determine when you should assign these Attribute Points to specific components. Strength: The majority of the game’s equipment pieces require a high level of physical strength. While playing through the game the first time, you’ll want to accumulate enough points to be able to slot in the best equipment for each act. Act II: 45 points of strength Act III – V: 60 lbs. of muscle From here on out, you should only assign points into Strength if you come across an Item that is worth the time and effort to research. If this is the case, simply assign the points to Vitality. The Dexterity stat is important for most builds because Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Switch increases Block Chance when using a shield. However, because Javelins have Dexterity requirements, you’ll need to allocate some points here as well to ensure that you can keep up with the equipment requirements. Act III – V: Dexterity is 65 points In the following stages, you should only assign points to Dexterity if you come across an Item that is worth your time and effort. If this is the case, simply assign the points to Vitality.

  • Vitality: This is where you should spend all of your remaining points
  • The ability to increase Vitality will significantly increase your health pool, which is critical for staying alive when fighting large groups of enemies
  • Vitality also increases your Stamina, which allows you to run for longer periods of time without needing to stop
  • Energy: Because you won’t have many Mana issues with this build, there aren’t any points to assign to this category
  • The Javelin and Spear trees are the primary focus of the Poison Javazon, but you’ll also be spending some points in the Passive and Magic trees as well
  • The Poison Javelin is a type of javelin that contains poison

Javelin of Plague On impact, this javelin deals increased damage to enemies and causes a large poisonous cloud to be released, infecting enemies across a wide range of territory. It is recommended that you begin using this skill as soon as possible after unlocking it because it deals more damage in a shorter amount of time than Poison Javelin. Strike at the Heart of the Problem When you use this passive skill, your attacks have a chance to deal twice as much damage on impact. Because there is nothing else you can unlock until you reach level 6, this is where you should spend your first points. Obtain a foothold This ability passively increases your Attack Rating, thereby increasing your chances of hitting significantly. If you believe you are missing too many attacks, you can increase the number of points you assign here. This passive gives your attacks a better chance of piercing through enemies, allowing you to hit more targets with your attacks. When used in conjunction with Plague Javelin, you’ll be able to release a poisonous cloud for each target you hit with this weapon. Distribution of Competencies The idea here is that you use Poison Javelin until you are able to unlock Plague Javelin, at which point you switch to that weapon type. Plague Javelin deals more poison damage over a shorter period of time than any other weapon, making Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items PS5 the best choice.

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Amazon Build Guide Runewords | Poison Javazon | Amazon Build Guide

Runes are a special type of socketed item that not only has unique properties, but can also be combined with other Runes to form what is known as a Runeword. Runes are socketed items that have unique properties and can be combined with other Runes to form a Runeword. It is possible to create Runewords by inserting Runes in a specific order inside specific types of equipment. The item must be of Normal Rarity, be capable of supporting the Runeword, and have the same number of sockets as the number of Runes required. Take note that some magical items have sockets on them, but even if you put the Runes in the correct order, you will not be able to create a Runeword, and you will therefore lose all of your Runes. Therefore, only use Normal Rarity items to create a Runeword. While Runewords are frequently referred to as “End Game” equipment, some of them can be crafted very early on in Diablo 2 Resurrected Items XboX Resurrected, and should not be too difficult to come by in the game. You can look for socketed items at merchants if you are in need of a base, but make sure they are of the Normal rarity before purchasing them. Runewords are the most reliable way to level up your character as you progress through the game, so I strongly advise you to review the complete list on our Wiki and to check the runes that you currently have and the Runewords that you can craft on a regular basis. What Kind of Equipment Should You Use? When D2R ladder items comes to surviving in  Resurrected, your elemental resistances are essential. Elements are used by the majority of enemies to deal damage, and having high resistances will help to mitigate a large portion of this damage. Therefore, I strongly advise you to concentrate your efforts on equipping equipment pieces that increase your Resistance during the Normal difficulty of the game. You can view your current resistances by selecting Stats from the main menu and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen. Resistances have a cap of +75%, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve maxed out all of them by the time you reach the end of Normal difficulty. Make sure to check your equipment on a regular basis to ensure that it is balanced and that the height is as high as possible. Because loot is generated at random, you will have no control over the equipment you receive during the early and even mid-stages of the game, with the exception of creating Runewords. That being said, there are some general guidelines for the Stats that you should be looking for on your items in order to ensure that your character scales up with the increasing difficulty of the game. Due to their Paladin Auras and the ability to equip Polearm Weapons, Act 2 Mercenaries are the best choice for all Builds due to their versatility. Possessing the ability to use Polearms is extremely important, as many powerful Runewords can be created on them, each of which provides a different buff or debuff to the enemy. This Mercenary from Greiz can be found in Lut Gholein, where you can hire him. The Prayer Mercenary, which can be found on the Normal difficulty, is the one to choose when it comes to selecting an Aura. The Prayer Aura provides heal regeneration, which allows you to survive for longer periods of time without the use of Potions. Once you reach Nightmare difficulty, you can hire a Mercenary with the Holy Freeze Aura, which slows enemies around you and is extremely effective at crowd control. At the start of D2R XBOX One runewords Resurrected, you won’t have much in the way of extra equipment; however, you can equip him with whatever extras you have or purchase him a Polearm from a merchant. If you happen to have some extra Runes lying around, make sure to craft an Insight (Runeword) on a Polearm, as this Weapon will significantly improve the combat capabilities of your Mercenaries. Final Recommendations Doing a couple of Countess Runs will reward you with a large number of Runes that will be useful not only for this Build, but also for any other character that you may create in the future. Make sure to keep all of the Runes that you find in your Stash safe and sound. Starting at level 6 and continuing through the rest of the game, you’ll want to assign the attack command “throw” to the secondary attack button. Throwing Javelins deal significantly more damage than other types of attacks. When you run out of Javelins, a double-spear icon will appear on the right-hand side of the screen to alert you. It will remain yellow as long as you have a limited supply of ammunition and turn red when you run out. Amazon has a limited Mana pool, so I prefer to run 1x Healing Potion columns and 3x Mana Potion columns in my Amazon campaigns. You can also include Antidote Potions and Thawing Potions in your game. In addition to curing their respective status effects, these potions also provide a +50 resistance to the elemental resistances that they correspond to. Keep in mind that once you equip an Insight Runeword on your Mercenary, he will become your primary source of Mana recovery, so make sure to keep him alive by using potions. Holding down the shift key while right clicking on the potion you wish to use will accomplish this task. Keep the left trigger depressed while pressing the appropriate button on the D-Pad if you’re using a controller to play the game.

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