Cool Ideas To Surprise The Love Of Your Life On Your Wedding Anniversary

With the love of your life by your side, you are the real Wendy and Peter Pan living happily ever after in Neverland! Now that the day you two lovebirds tied the knot is around the corner, it is time to celebrate with a big bang. There is always something new and unique to spruce up your relationship and parade your love. If you feel like you have not been spending that much time with the love of your life, you can plan a getaway trip for two. Or you can invite your beloved family and friends to join you as you celebrate your big day. Whatever you choose, we are here to help you make sure that you make the most of your wedding anniversary. Read on as we share cool ideas to surprise the love of your life on your wedding anniversary.

Make vibrant decorations

The decoration is important in setting the mood and tone on all occasions. Like the unforgettable decor from your wedding reception, vibrant decorations will surely augment the occasion’s theme and create a cosy atmosphere for everyone. There are many creative decoration ideas that you can incorporate to make your anniversary celebrations marvellous!

Decoration ideas:

Balloons – with ribbons, you can go with personalised balloons such as Bobo, Foil, Hilleum, and Latex balloons.

Flowers – you can order fresh and fragrant flowers from your local online florists. Popular flower types include; Roses, Carnations, lilies, Gerberas, Daisies, and Orchids.

LED lights – create a mesmerising fairy light backdrop in the reception area or backyard (if you plan to have a grill outside). You can also customise the LED light arrangements to create your unique designs.

Picture bunting – keep the anniversary theme and adorn your home or the venue with cool pictures of the love of your life.

Candles and tealights – if you plan to celebrate your anniversary with just the two of you, then why not go all romantic and spruce up the aura with alluring scented candles and tealights? You can also order personalised candles with the anniversary theme photos, and messages, you name it!

Make your own art – it’s your big day, and you must add your personal touch to the event. So, you must create your art! It can be a painting or rangoli.

Invite your family and friends

The main idea about celebrations is to share the moment with near and dear ones. If you plan to celebrate your anniversary by throwing a party, you must invite your family and friends. You can inform them about the event by sending them personalised or digital invitation cards.

Engage in some adrenaline rush activities

Your anniversary is not the day; both of you can do nothing and just chill. It quickly gets boring to attend a party with no fun activities. Though it’s your day, you must also live a little and engage in some fun activities! But first, you must renew your wedding vows before you drift away on an anniversary scavenger hunt or take on an adventure.

Relive your first date

With a picture, it’s easy to remember old but special moments in your life as if they were yesterday! Relive your first date by visiting where you and your better half went on your first date. Create lasting memories and give your kids a love challenge by recreating old photos from when you were still young and dating.

Cake cutting

The cake cutting and feeding hour are one of the best things you will always remember from your wedding day! It will always be a delight to share a lip-smacking cake bite with your near and dear ones during your anniversary celebrations. With the best bakeries at the tip of your fingers, you can order cake online to keep these moments special.

Sweet treats and desserts for everyone

Sweet treats and desserts are ideal for indulging in before and after the main meal! Keep the good times rolling by pampering your near and dear ones with assorted sweet treats and desserts. Thanks to mobile cake delivery app, you won’t have to go from pillar to post, gathering the ideal treats and desserts for your anniversary celebrations.

Sweet treats options:



Traditional sweets (such as Soan Papdi, Burfi, Rasgulla, and Kaju Katli)



Jar cakes,

Dry cakes,

Brownies, etc.

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