Career and Job prospects after LLB

LLB or Bachelor of legislative laws is an undergraduate degree that is undertaken by students in the legal profession. LLB is an abbreviation for Legum Baccalaureus, meaning Bachelor of Laws. A typical LLB course covers legal principles, corporate governance ideals, legal procedures, principles, etc. In India, the scope after LLB is massive and LLB graduates can work for the three major organs of the Indian government – legislative, executive, and judiciary. LLB is also the first step and can be followed further by a master’s degree.

If you are interested in a law program, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the major job opportunities available to LLB graduates after completion of their studies.


Advocacy is one of the leading professions undertaken by LLB students. This path is especially for those who want to practice in the courts. Aspirants are required to qualify for an exam conducted by the All-India Bar council in order to qualify for practicing as an advocate. Once they are enrolled in the Bar council they can choose to practice in any court around the country. To become a great advocate, lawyers need to practice enough and gain experience as a junior assistant to a senior advocate. Such work varies from studying legal cases to drafting files in order to learn the complexities of the legal system. Only after enough experience will they be ready to work as independent lawyers.

Legal advisor

After completing the LLB degree, students can join private companies, corporate firms, law firms, or banks and work as legal advisors. This is a job for primarily lending expertise on different legal matters. Such expertise could also be applied to NGOs that provide legal advisory services to their clients. Most large organizations and the government hire legal advisors to oversee multiple projects.

Government Services

Law students can also join government organizations after completion of LLB. They can prepare for Indian legal services and work on various posts under it like working at the legislative council of the legal department as well as the department of legal affairs works with several legal advisors. To work in such a position, a candidate is required to qualify for the exam held by UPSC. qualified candidates can even work for the Indian Army, Navy, or the Air force. They can also sit for exams like the IAS or HAS under the UPSC or SPSC level exams. Students could also aspire to be public prosecutors.

Teach Law

Students who have excellent academic qualities and have the skills of explaining it to a range of people are good fits to become lecturers in colleges and universities and teach law across the country. After LLB, most students who want to enter this field, opt for an LLM and go on to complete their research in their field of study, earn a Ph.D. and become a professor in some private or government institution.

Opportunities after LLB are not just limited to these careers. Join a program today and start preparing for an exciting career in law.

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