Why Students Fail in the CA Final Exams and its Solutions

CA Final Exam is the last ladder of the CA Course that you need to climb to become a Chartered Accountant. Since it is the final stage, the course comprises all the last topics and the sectors that CA must know. The passing percentage of the CA Final exams is only 15 to 20%. As a result, so many students fail in these exams.

In brief the major reasons for student’s failures in the CA Final exams are:

  • Not completing the syllabus on time.
  • Not solving enough CA Final Mock Test Papers.
  • Not doing required revisions, and so on.

So, here in this article, you’ll get to know the major reasons why students fail in the CA Final exams. We will also explain the solutions to get the best CA Final results and clear the exams in the first attempt.

Why do CA students Fail in CA Final exams?

Students never know the mistakes they have been prevailing for so long that have eaten up their marks. But these are the common mistakes that students generally made that have a huge impact on their CA Final exams result. So, here let us go through why students fail in CA Final Exams.

Not Referring to the ICAI Study Materials for the CA Final exams

ICAI provides study materials, RTPs, MTPs, mock tests, sample papers, previous year papers, etc., for the students to help in their preparation. Also, it is always advised by teachers and toppers to follow only the ICAI materials.

But students attempt a blunder by ignoring the ICAI materials and instead referring to numerous references for a single paper. This makes the students confused over the same topic and they can’t even complete the CA Final syllabus till the exams. Also, they do not get proper time and materials to revise or practice, which leads to failure.

Doing CA Final Preparation after Articleship

Many CA Final candidates wait for their articleship to get over to start the CA Final Preparation. In this way, they waste their time and an attempt as well. After completing the articleship, there is not enough time to complete the preparation with revisions of all eight papers. Also, as they give a huge gap of 3 years to their studies, it becomes difficult to resume the preparation at the same level and dedication.

Lack of Proper Practice

Ignoring the ICAI materials takes you one step back from the practice as it contains maximum practice materials. Moreover, the students sometimes tend to see how the solutions are written rather than trying to do them by themselves. These all are the ways that lead to the lack of practice that is crucial to succeeding in the CA Final exams. And if you lack practice, you will surely get confused while solving the questions in the main exams.

Not Solving the CA Final Mock Tests Papers

Another major blunder that a student commit is not solving the mock test and the RTPs. The mock test papers teach the students to write the answer and manage their time. It also lets the students understand the CA Final exam pattern.

But the students who haven’t solved the mock tests papers will get deprived of all of these things. Moreover, they will fail to manage their time in the papers and not be able to produce a good presentation, leading to failure.

Doing the Revisions Only in the Last Month

Some students wait for the last days before the exam to start their revisions. But this is a wrong practice and shows that they don’t make a study plan for the CA Final exams. The CA Final syllabus is too long to be revised three times in one month. So, the students who wait for the last days are usually unable to complete their revisions.

In the last few days, students have been hardly able to revise a few topics that are also in a hurry. This will surely not help the candidate retain and remember the topics in the exams.

Wrong Format of Writing the Answer

The format of the answers and the presentation matter a lot in the CA Final exams. If you have written the answers without following a particular format, then the answer will undoubtedly face some deduction in marks. To get an idea about the proper answer writing format, students must go through the ICAI materials that have the answer writing formats.

Solutions to get the best CA Final Result

CA Final Exam Preparation

Since now we have the bucket of the mistakes that the CA Final students majorly commit, we will now move towards the solutions for the same. Now, we will discuss those solutions which can help the candidates to get the best CA Final Result.

  • Refer to all the materials provided by ICAI for CA Final Exams. Even if you want to refer to any reference books, you must have primarily gone through the ICAI materials.
  • The CA Final candidates should start their preparation during their articleship only. This way, they will get ample time to revise and practice questions.
  • Practice is the core concept and the key to successful results. This is the reason why the students need to practice more and more questions. Solving the mock test papers also plays a major role, so solve it regularly.
  • Students must not wait for the last month to start their revisions. Instead, they need to form a smart CA Final study plan and follow it strictly for completing the syllabus and doing revisions. And revisions should be done continuously and as soon as you complete a particular topic.


Therefore, the students must first make their entire preparation schedule for the CA Final exams. After this, they must analyze the points of preparation they are following and those they lack.

Here we talked about the major mistakes that the CA Final students majorly commit during their preparation days. These mistakes might seem small, but they consume a lot of your marks. So, work on the solution part mentioned over here and follow a particular schedule to prepare for the CA Final exams.

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