Bobcat 2023 Expands Compact Equipment Range 

The Samoter Fair in Verona this time around featured quite a range of new equipment which included what was deemed as the most powerful compact track loader in the market as yet, compact tractors that came with a box of surprises, and a totally new 2 tonne electric mini excavator and a super compact telescopic handler by Bobcat.

Bobcat was among the few exhibitors that made big waves at the Samoter 2023 fair when the manufacturer showcased their latest products for the first time in Italy’s Verona. Compact track loaders have always been a popular machine in Italy and by showcasing the T86 compact track loader which up to date is the most powerful machine of its class that has ever been produced, the loader took centre stage whilst the Bobcat TL25.60 Compact Telescopic Handler and the E19e electric mini excavator by Bobcat took second and third place respectively. 

Bobcat was strategic in their showcasing as the manufacturer managed to remain relevant to visitors by featuring an array of products that was aligned with the company’s rebranding effort which is expected to be done within the first quarter of 2024. Although the T86 compact track loader took the limelight, industry players, especially construction equipment rental companies that offer contractors and construction related enterprises with machines such as mini excavators of various classes for hire among other equipment were keen on the E19e mini excavator. 

According to some of them, acquiring these mini excavators would complement their current fleet of diesel powered excavators and allow these companies to remain relevant as regulations in urban areas get tighter by each passing day. The district manager of Bobcat Italy however indicated that despite the fact the compact track loader component is highly relevant in countries such as Italy, Australia and some parts of Asia, the relevance of mini excavator cannot be overlooked based on the fact that the mini excavator market is growing year by year mainly attributed to the availability of mini excavators for hire through rental companies that form the biggest purchasers for this segment.  

The efficiency of the hydraulic coupling system (quick connect control systems that enable operators to make quick changes of hydraulic attachment tools) which unlock a host of new possibilities with the latest fully electric mini excavator by Bobcat. 

The fact that the E19e is able to perform in places where other excavators are unable to or simply cannot due to noise pollution or zero-emission requirements has resulted in the creation of new and unique business opportunities for construction equipment rental companies to say the least. The E19e features superior controllability, controls that are ergonomic and a level of unprecedented comfort for operators. 

Mini excavator rental demand has been increasing gradually and faster compared to demand for other equipment and as such it is only practical for these construction equipment providers to look forward into the future and adopt relevant business strategies. It is critical towards their sustainability efforts and to maintain their competitive edge. 

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