Best Time To Visit : Kheerganga Trek Weather & Temperature


Kheerganga Trek is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most well known journeying attractions and lies somewhere down in Parvati valley, Kasol. It draws in individuals from everywhere in the country with its hypnotizing magnificence. The spot is famous for the spring of heated water and a staggering perspective on the valley. The trip is 12 km long and the landscape stays a humble slope and declines the whole way to the top, albeit in certain segments it is somewhat more extreme. The most important part of planning Kheerganga trek or any other trek is to plan your journey according to the temperature and weather of the particular place. Because Weather plays a very important role during a trip. Too hot or too cold conditions may act as a barrier for you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. 


Kheerganga weather


During Summers

Now in order to have the perfect Kheerganga Trek experience, you should definitely plan your Trek during the summer season because the most ideal time for planning the Kheerganga Trek is summer. The Kheerganga temperature during this season stays in the range of 10°C to around 30°C. You can finish your journey with extremely insignificant winter wear, which will at last decrease your stuff weight. 

Summer is the pinnacle season for vacationers, such that countless explorers plan their excursion to Himachal Pradesh to escape from their feverish timetable and burning intensity in the fields. Kheerganga journey generally beats the rundown. Alongside kheerganga, you can cover nearby traveler puts in particular Kasol, and Tosh Valley. 


The reason for visiting this trag during summers is because of its ideal and berable temperatures. This is the time where the weather of this place does not exceed as too cold or does not exceed as too hot. At this time you can comfortably wear cotton clothes and shorts to have a comfortable climb. 


During Monsoons

For all the beginners who are doing Kheerganga trek for the first time; it is advised that they should not try this trek during the monsoon season because the Kheerganga weather at this time is not ideal and suitable for this trek. The weighty downpour makes the territories lopsided and tricky. You might observe street blockages. There is a high risk of avalanches, and different courses might be shut during this time. 


The Kheerganga temperature ranges between 20°C to 35°C. The temperature is ideal but the terrain and the slopes of the climb is very dangerous as it is blocked and overflowed with the rainwater. Just like there are always pros and cons of everything, above was the con of the Kheerganga monsoon weather. The plus point of this place in this weather is; during monsoon it has the most beautiful scenery and view as the new bud blossoms and blooms during the monsoon season making it a place full of colourful and beautiful flowers with lush green greeneerym.m and meadows. 


During Winters

Kheerganga temperature during winters ranges from 2°C to 8°C. Kheerganga weather at this time is cold and may also lead to snowfall which can drop down its temperature to 0°C. Visiting Kheerganga trek at this time will lead you to walk over the blanket of snow. The valley looks dreary during this time. You probably won’t have an extraordinary encounter during this time, as the paths will be blanketed. Here and there, the courses could get shut. In the event that you visit in these months, you will encounter everything inserted under snow. Although the trail in winter is full of adventure and snow, you have to be cautious as the path becomes slippery. 


Best time to visit 

The best opportunity to visit Kheerganga is between the extensive stretches of May and November when the environment stays brilliant and great, which is likewise an optimal chance to visit Manali and nearby places. Cold weather months are best avoided to set out on the journey as the snow makes the path hard to step and the stones become subtle. 


Why is Kheerganga trek famous

Now you must be thinking what is so special about Kheerganga Trek that thousands of tourists visit there each year. 

On this 12km journey, one will see old conventional towns, various charming cascades, the best among them being the snake molded cascade of Rudra Nag. This trip likewise incorporates the always lovely scenes alongside boundless, phenomenal vistas of the Himalayas. Along with lovely scenes and the beauty of nature it promises you the best adventure and experience for you to have.

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